Yolanda Lyon

Yolanda is slender and short, with matted red hair and a straw hat. Yolonda was a champion of the local dwarves in their fighting pits before she found herself traveling the local islands and conquering their best warriors. She returned home, and discovered both the dwarves and the people of Krutin had elected her to take command of the city militia after General Nikolas stepped down due to old age and failing health. Nikolas was not happy with this decision, but no-one else contended the position.

She has purple eyes, is described foremost as powerful, and secondly as oblivious. She speaks several languages fluently, as her travels as a gladiator have brought her through several different regions and cultures. She stares into the distance often - perhaps she yearns to return to her travels?

Yolanda is famously is irritable when drawn into long conversations. Despite this, she likes the common people, which is good considering she is a champion of the people.

Though she holds a position in Krutin's government, Yolanda will never turn down a chance to fight in an arena.

After the siege of Krutin was broken by the closing of the gate, Yolanda elected herself to stand in as the Krutin representative on the span. She and her men bravely face the legion of the heralds in a tense armistice.

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