Wiki How To

Wikidot Syntax

There's lots of information on the syntax of wikidot available on their website:

It's really easy to use especially if you're used to internet forums or reddit, and worst case scenario wikidot is free software so don't hesitate to just lift code or formatting from another site to do what you want :)

Using our wiki

We don't really have too many rules but use common sense. Don't edit pages of other characters unless it's to correct a typo etc., this should be a good resource document and accessible lore repository between games so we don't want to shit it up with drama.

If you're submitting a new game report, use the template and call out things that still need editing either on facebook or in the report itself, and be certain you post the update on the facebook group so we all see it and your hard work!

Also, make sure any new pages you make have their parent page set to the appropriate page and that you update the parent page as well, otherwise people won't be able to navigate to your page. The best way to do that is like so:

On the parent page:
[[[the-peasant |The Peasant]]]
If you use the page link wizard it'll automatically do this for you, too.


If you can think of any pages you would like, a way to restructure the wiki, or anything like that just do it, there's no hierarchy here or anything so start a page and we'll contribute to it :)

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