Throk the Great

Throk the Great

Back Story

Throk originates from the wild lands to the west, where the lands run wild with brutish Orcs and Barbarians lord over the peasants. Throk is descendant from a storied barbarian blood line which is known for having historically brutal alpha leaders.

Throk's father, Gundahar, Ruled his lands for decades with firm but fair rules. Gundahar's steady hand led to a great prosperity for his clan, and many sons for Gundahar. The biggest infraciton one could commit in Gundahar's clan would be to covet one of Gundahar's many wives. That was a grave mistake that would swiftly result in the offender being cleaved in half.

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Father of Throk

As is the way of barbarians, rule over the clan was established by physical dominance. Any challenging barbarian of the clan was free to challenge Gundahar to an unarmored fight, the victor of which would be the new leader. Gundahar maintained dominance in this way for over 30 years.

During this time, there were many adverse encounters with the neighboring orc tribes. Though slightly more brutish, their stupidity prevented them from ever besting the neighboring Human barbarian clans. During a retaliatory raid on a near by Orcish settlement, Gundahar and his men slayed every orc save a few of the babies. The babies they figured could be put to work as slaves once of age.

As it turns out one of the Captured female Orcish babies, Dura, grew to be exceptionally large and athletic, stronger than even the male orc babies. On one occasion, she pinned two separate human teenagers, one with each hand, that had been bullying her. Gundahar took note of this and an idea hit him: He must mate with Dura! Her strength would enable Gundahar to sire a great barbarian of the ages. When she reached child rearing age, Gundahar brought her in from the fields into his haram with the goal of rearing a male half orc child. She was not received kindly by the other wives, as she was much larger and stronger and a departure from his usual choice of fair haired slender wife. (that had so far failed to produce powerful offspring)

Eventually Dura gave Gundahar a beautiful half orc baby boy, that was named Throk.

From early on Throk demonstrated extreme athletic tenacity and a propensity for the martial arts. His orcish and human lineage left him slightly dim witted, but smart enough to learn new skills and tasks, while still significantly stronger than his fully human siblings. This would set him up to some day best the ruler of his settlement in physical combat, and looked to be the likely future leader of the clan.

Before that could happen, the peace was shattered with treachery. A week before Throk's coming of age trials, Throk's human brothers cowardly murdered Gundahar in his sleep with a dagger and declared the eldest, Coard, the leader of the clan. Throk was still young and immature and unable to challenge this cowardice and forced to flee for his life. Had he been full orc he would have stayed and fought with death all but certain, but since he does possess some wit he realized he must leave, grow strong, and return to claim his namesake.

Once Throk had cleared the immediate danger and put a few days between himself and his homeland he heard of some unique challenging opportunities for a daring strong adventurer in the under-dark, challenges with the promise of gold and power as a reward…

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Throk must reclaim his title


  • Throk is loyal to his friends to a fault.
  • Descendent from orcs, Throk can be chaotic
  • Though not evil, a barbaric upbringing necessitates Throk is not wholly just either
  • Throk loves crude and senseless humor, as most young brutes do
  • Though throk does not posses intelligence he is exceptionally charismatic and wise (for a barbarian)


  • Throk's has trouble with deductive reasoning
  • Throk is not hung like an Orc, a sad roll of the genetic dice led him to a 3' peen, which is not well hidden by his favored loin cloth.
  • During the brewery explosion, Throk contracted a fungus infection that leaves him persistently itchy
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