Thava's Journal

Week 1


Clues that I have deceifered about the bag of teeth I was mysteriously left one night have lead me to the island of Cabrygc. I have met up with an interesting band of fellows: two half-elves - a sorcerer and a thief - and a human bard who claims himself to be a “ghost”.

I do not like the thief. Although he does not seem to be malevolent, neither is he brave nor is he honorable. He is greedy, self-centred, entitled, and has no sense of what is right.

The sorcerer is handsome (if you are into elves) but too forward in his advances. He is kind of creepy, tbh. Although he gives an outward impression of fairness, his actions belie other motives. I just don’t know what.

The bard is something of an enigma… I do not know what to think of him. His jokes are silly but harmless; he appears to be against wanton slaughter of innocents, but he also has no qualms about taking slaves. His company is enjoyable, but his morals are flimsy and therefore I am not sure I trust him.

Actually, I’m not sure I trust anyone but Lord Orville and Dughk, his Nephew. Both he and his Uncle are seem to be men of their word and noble warriors. Lord Orville has charged us with assisting him to end the siege of the Thunder Covens on the city of Krutin. They claim that there is a great force coming to destroy the city, and are letting the Krutinites leave; the rulers of the city do not believe there is any danger and are convinced that the Thunder Covens are trying to take over the city to rule themselves. We will assist Lord Orville, one of the rightful leaders of the city, to ensure the safety of as many of the people of Krutin as we can.

The Stormwatcher

We have gathered some information about the leaders of the Thunder Covens. There are seven of them, made up of elves, orcs, dwarves, paladins, knights, and goliaths. Their cause must be strong for such dislike creatures to band together to a common cause. As a group, we split to learn more about the individual covens and their leaders.

I approached Ayantum Stormwatcher, leader of the elves. Despite our many differences, we share much in common. Had we met under circumstances other than these we may well have been friends. She mentioned a person - the Devourer - but lost interest in our conversation when I pushed her for more information.

The Devourer

I must detail the strange encounter that I just had. I slept an unusually long and dreamless sleep, and when I awoke, a small bundle was clenched in my fist. A note wrapped around a brilliant blue stone, and I found myself drawn to a cliff where the waves crashing below exactly matched the colour of the stone.

I didn’t sacrifice this one to the devourer.

A great conflict rose within me. It was obvious that the stone was meant to be returned to the sea from where it so obviously came. It was also one of the most beautiful stones I had ever held…. and surely nothing good could come of gaining the favour of any being called The Devourer. But even as I refused to send the stone towards its destiny did a great ice-cold wind come up and the beautiful stone was rendered into pieces and the colour stripped from it.

For a moment, everything was silent. And then, the wind picks up and a great gale enveloped me, filling me with dread that anchored me to the spot. I thought for certain it was the end of my life, having challenged what I now knew to be a god while standing at the door of his chaotic temple. All I could do was close my eyes and wait to be devoured, and instinctively I raised my hand to cover my face…

And as I did so, the wind stopped as though I had been placed behind an invisible wall. And as I opened my eyes, I saw two things: the world as I remembered it before facing the wrath of the Devourer - a gentle blue sky, gulls lazily circling on a slight sea breeze, and waves but caressing the shoreline below; and a strange white gauntlet upon my right hand, the hand I had raised. I do not know how long I stood there on that cliff, examining the gleaming scale. I could not tell if it was truly white or simply so brilliant that it appeared to be so.

So absorbed by the gauntle I did not notice The Stormwatcher approach. She was clearly disappointed, and mentioned "Wisdom is too often the corpse of beauty" and that she had me "figured as the wrong kind of beautiful thing". Our next encounter will be a tense one, I fear.

Week 2


We made it into the city, and for now I have settled at an inn located in Walltown. There is no one of note staying at this inn, except a thin man with exceptionally patchy facial hair who looks very familiar.

I have sought more information about the bag full of teeth that appear outwardly to be humanoid and yet no one I have spoke to is able to identify them. I learned from an old dentist that I am not the only one to have received such a thing and gave me the description of a goliath who also sought identification of the strange trinkets. I hope, should I meet this goliath, it is to talk and not to fight.


I had an interesting encounter with two priests. They noted the gauntlet on my right hand, which I have kept hidden beneath my gloves, to be a sign of great bravery and suggested I seek out others of their order at their temple in Krudtown. The bald one did not seem to trust me.

Sticks and Bones

This past night I was woken up by the bang of the window shutters. That they were blown open by a particularly strong gust of wind made me shiver (and not from cold), but when I looked upon the sill there was a small bundle. I couldn't tell what it was until I picked it up. Sharpened bones wrapped in gold thread.

It is clearly an omen, but I have not figured out yet from whom or what to do with it.

I have finally found a concrete link to whomever stole my parents. The cryptozoologist, Erasmus Oggrillius, was paid by a large man to send the teeth to me and another set to Stonewall Cammond.

We once again encountered the Pale Knight and his monks of Nagil. We wandered through the passageways below for hours and hours. The Knight was ruthless in forcing the mark to the point where exhaustion almost overcame us. We made it and the Pale Knight asked of us a strange thing: to open a door, close it and then open it again to invite his monks through. Apparently they can only come through with others' blessing. When we closed the door, it became stuck.

The Pale Knight will meet us at the village of the blue tower when we arrive there.

During his watch, Peasant heard some very out-of-key singing, coming from a nearby chasm. It appears we've arrived in Limbo.

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