Stone Wall Camund

Camund is a heroic goliath, and a legendary paladin. He famously travelled with his friends, Findroxxis and Pica Tremamius.

Camund has braided gray hair and amber eyes, and wears glasses with bronze rims. He wears chain mail and wields a golden longsword. Camund is hunting the fiend which destroyed his homeland with his knightly order, The Stone Knights. He is great at solving puzzles (as one could expect from a one with ornate glasses). He constantly makes blustering colourful oaths and exclamations – in fact, he is blustering and arrogant in general. He believes that the other military commanders in the Thunder Coven are, at best, second-rate compared to him.

He is incredibly loyal to Findroxxis and Pica, but his crusade comes before his friendship.

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