Staff And Friends From The Lost Soul

The Lost Soul

The Lost Soul is a tavern built in an abandoned dwarven mine that sits underneath Krutin and near the dwarven fortress in the mountain. It has a reputation that draws fiends and adventurers alike. It has been under the mountain for hundreds of years, but its owner has yet to reveal itself.

Travelers from the fortress or Krutin heading to the underworld often stop here as it is the last hospitable place they will likely see for weeks. Visitors from the underworld also enjoy traveling here.

The tavern features a wacky cast of staff members, a fighting pit, a gambling den, and separate menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner.



Ogre chef of the lost soul. He maintains the rotbarrel in this bar, and prepares the nightly feasts.

Spoon, Ladel, Knife, and Fork

Spoon is the goblin boss of the two kitchen underlings - Ladel and Fork. Spoon bosses the other two around, but is bossed around by Truzzkill. Knife recently rejoined the group after paying off a debt he owed Truzzkill. He also bosses Ladel and Fork around.


Vojek is a trapped stone giant who has become the bartender of The Lost Soul. He is content working in the cavernous bar, as long as there are stories and customers to keep him happy.

Stefan the Fawn

Stefan is a Satyr who hosts the bar each night, and wows people with the many stories Vojek is too verbose and unimaginative to tell properly.

He also runs the fighting arena, and Emcees for any musical performers when he himself is not up on the stage.

Edith the Entangled

An Erinyes who was tricked by a plane shifting bard to serve as a tavern wench for a century and a day, or until he comes and is served a drink by her. She is currently on her third year anniversary. Her cool composure belies her incredible bitterness.

Business at The Lost Soul exploded after she joined its staff.

She was unhappy with Herme's complete lack of respect for her, and brought him near death with a single punch and a stern warning. She also spent a fair amount of time staring with disgust and contempt at Wrangle in his parrot form. The presence of the horned devil, Procrastinax Pejorative, seemed to agitate her.

Isaac T. Doorman

A spectator tasked with running the front door. His name isn’t Isaac T. Doorman, but the idiot known as Limerick T. Dwarf named him, and it stuck.

Patrons and Friends

Uncle Dirtbeard

With dirt in his beard, and revenge in his heart, he wishes to fight the nephew his family never loved. An outcast dwarf with a love for gambling.

Darkbeard Childgambla

The duergar dwarf who gambled away young Chip.

Willough Ghost-Foot

Willough is a halfling ranger who travels through the underworld and limbo in seek of adventure. He wishes to visit the legendary town of Krutin and meet some interesting individuals.

He made friends with Thava, but promptly drank more than he could handle. Tularis helped him out by storing his money away for safe-keeping so no shady types could prey on the well-intentioned ranger.

Willough is a super obvious reference to my favourite halfling :(

Pilgrims of Nagil

The Pale Night wears weathered scale mail, wields an imposing tower shield and heavy iron mace, and flaunts his long black cape and iron helmet fashioned into the likeness of a skull.

The Fist of a Cold Earth is a half-orc possessing little more than his tattered robes and the pale tattoos that cover his body.

The Poet of Forgotten Days is an elf wearing leathers under heavy robes, and covered in ornate jewelry. He speaks in little more than whisper, and stares through any who speak to him as though he is faintly aware of their presence.

These three have come here to relax before the last leg of their journey. They intend to take the arch and travel to Old Krutin.

The Pale Night healed Thava of her internal hemorrhaging, and berated Oatmeal Stout for not visiting the three pilgrims. He also gave some heavy-handed advice after watching Herme getting beaten almost to death by the waitress: find options other than violence in these parts, or you will be destroyed by what lurks below in the underworld.

The Pale Night was also visibly moved by Thava's courage in battle against a far stronger opponent. He has urged the group to travel to Old Krutin and meet him there both as re-payment for his help, and for another unknown reason.

Deeprun Oldbeard

A dwarven sage in competition with the legendary sage **Root Minepuncher**. Skeptics say that his advice is hollow and best saved for minions or idiots who seek empty spiritual advice from a pseudo-intellectual.

His advice seemed to revolve around the concept of what "quantum" means. Tularis was able to steal every piece of clothing off of him in the the most legendary pick-pocketing The Soul has ever witnessed.

Dubz Schola-Mocka and his Boys

Dubz used to serve under the exiled goblin cook, Knife. He famously made fun of Oats-The-Death-of-Fathers and evaded the massacre that claimed all but himself and three other goblins.

Dubz has since gained incredible respect for Oats after watching Oats down a Dragon's Breath without dying before fighting a physical manifestation of death. He also appreciates Tularis' caper against Deeprun Oldbeard wherein Tularis relieved the sage of all his clothes in the middle of the bar while dispensing some of his "sage" advice.

The Entourage of Devils

The great horned devil, Procrastinax Pejorative, and his hench-men, Thakne Aldinson the raven and Stile Sigtrison the rat, have come to the lost soul for some reason.

Thakne was excited to see the group after they helped him defeat the hag in the tunnels beneath the gate several months ago. Procrastinax lost some money to Tularis in a dice game.

The Mysterious Stranger

A female assassin with a red scarf covering her face. The only features easily made out are her auburn hair and light-grey eyes. She wields a pair of short-swords, wears ornate leather armour, and carries a closely guarded chest on her belt. She notably taps her fingers, and speaks with great arrogance and mockery.

The party noticed a familiarity to the stranger, but were unable to pin-point where they had met her before. She was openly hostile to all members of the group, and relished in defeating Thava in single combat. Instead of taking Thava's life, she demanded the token-of-king's favour Oats had in his possession. With the token, she wished for the necromantic tome carried by Tularis.

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