Shynre Zaphryl


Shynre joined the partly shortly after travelling companion, her youngest half-sister Jaelyana, had been consumed by a gelatinous cube. Jaelyana definitely tripped and fell into the gelatinous cube, who was definitely not the same friendly/intelligent gelatinous cube who went on to intermittently join the party and form a band that played in taverns in Grackelstuh.


The middle daughter of a lesser Noble house in Menzoberranzan, Shynre Zaphryl (SHIN-rah Zah-FRILL) was constantly overlooked. Neither the oldest nor most pious, Shynre is the most ambitious of the three daughters of House Zaphryl and the most flippant. Like most drow, she is arrogant, incredibly selfish, and holds nothing but disdain for lower races - and surface elves most of all - although she finds non-drow entertaining despite their clear inferiority.


Like most female drow, Shynre is a proud cleric of Lloth and furthers her own ambitions in the name of the Spider Queen.


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