Scroll Creation

Quick explaination

Scroll scribing is limited to full casters (Wizards, Clerics, etc., ask DM if you are curious). You can attempt to create a spell scroll for any spell of a level that you can cast by paying a certain amount of gold per day and rolling a scribing check. If you cannot cast spells, you are unable to create a magical scroll. If the spell you wish to create is not one from your lists, your DM may require special rules to enable you to write it.

Timeframe & Prerequisites

Spell Level Time Cost (per day)
0 1 hr 15 gp (15)
1 1 day 50 gp (50)
2 2 days 150 gp (75)
3 3 days 500 gp (167)
4 6 days 1500 gp (250)
5 12 days 5000 gp (417)
6 21 days 15000 gp (714)
7 28 days 50000 gp (1786)
8 35 days 150000 gp (4286)
9 42 days 500000 gp (11905)

You must have any necessary materials available at the start of the scroll creation—delicate parchments, rare inks, and other magical materials, according to the daily costs on the table above (you don't need all of it up front). These materials are You also must expend a spell slot of a level equal to or greater than the level of the spell. Additionally, your DM might require that you possess a formula for a specific spell scroll in order to create it.

If you cannot meet the conditions (inability to cast a spell of that slot, not having the required gold for the day, etc.), you automatically fail and must roll on the scroll scribing mishaps to see what happens.

Once per day, you can spend time working on the scroll. This process requires a long period of concentration that can be broken by external effects (as if concentrating on a spell) and may involve a higher DC or a concentration save. At the end of the period (a long rest or day), you make Scroll Scribing check, the DC of which is equal to the following:

Scribing DC: 15 + Spell's Level

When you make this check, you can add your spell casting attribute modifier (i.e. wisdom for clerics, intelligence for wizards, etc.) to your roll. As well, if using calligrapher's supplies and are proficient, add your proficiency bonus.

On a success, you successfully create the scroll or make one level of progress toward finishing it. On a failure, you do not make any progress, but you do still use the daily amount of the component cost that has to be repaid before progress can begin again. On a major fail (missing DC by 5 or more) you suffer a scroll scribing events (see Scroll Scribing events sidebar). On a natural roll of 20, your prowess and efficiency means you expend only 50% of the daily cost.

The spell scroll functions as described in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (page 200), which includes the rules for activation, spell attack modifier, spell save DC, and copying a spell from a scroll.

Scroll Scribing events

Roll Effect
1 Roll a save of DC 15 based in your spellcasting attribute. On a pass, roll twice on this list (do not ignore this result on a reroll). On a fail: Roll special insanity.
2 Spell goes off in a blaze of glory. A lvl 5 fireball centered on caster engulfs you, allies, and any materials/flammable items.
3 Spell's target changes, can continue writing scroll.
4 Opposite effect (dm discretion), can continue writing scroll.
5 Roll dc 15 Arcana check at use, failure = scroll crumbles to dust, does not activate.
6 Lose all progress, roll for longterm madness
7 Lose all progress. Spell goes off with radius doubled. If no radius, it gains a radius of 20'
8 Lose all progress, Wild Magic Surge
9 Roll on mortal wounds table as untamed magic courses through your body. No progress made, but none lost.
10 Wild Magic Surge, can continue writing scroll.
11 When cast, mirrors effect onto either an enemy (if beneficial) or ally (if negative) at DM's discretion.
12 Caster may cast a cantrip alongside spell simultaneously when scroll is activated. Must have available cantrip.
13 Lose all progress. Anyone other than the caster within 30' has to roll a wisdom save dc15 vs. temporary insanity
14 Lose all progress. Caster smells strongly like a random animal for 1d8 days.
15 Lose all progress. Caster gains or loses spell of highest spell level for 1 week. Roll high/low.
16 Magical effects are neutralized in a 20' radius, this lasts for 1d12 days
17 When used, spell casts with comedic sound effects at DM's discretion.
18 Scroll is not consumed for first casting, will be consumed on 2nd use.
19 Twice the intended effect (damage, duration, ac bonus, etc.)
20 Lose all progress. Spell is cast at three levels higher, immediately.

Scroll use mishaps

When you fail your check to use a scroll (when the spell is not on your spell list, you are not a spell caster, or it is a higher level than you can cast), roll on this list.

Roll Effect
1 A surge of magical energy deals the caster 1d6 force damage per level of the spell.
2 The spell affects the caster or an ally (determined randomly) instead of the intended target, or it affects a random target nearby if the caster was the intended target.
3 The spell affects a random location within the spell's range.
4 The spell's effect is contrary to its normal one, but neither harmful nor beneficial. For instance, a fireball might produce an area of harmless cold.
5 The caster suffers a minor but bizarre effect related to the spell. Such effects last only as long as the original spell's duration, or 1d10 minutes for spells that take effect instantaneously. For example, a fireball might cause smoke to billow from the caster's ears for 1d10 minutes.
6 The spell activates after 1d12 hours. If the caster was the intended target, the spell takes effect normally. If the caster was not the intended target, the spell goes off in the general direction of the intended target, up to the spell 's maximum range, if the target has moved away

Scroll Details

Spell Level Rarity Save DC Attack Bonus
Cantrip Common 13 +5
1st Common 13 +5
2nd Uncommon 13 +5
3rd Uncommon 15 +7
4th Rare 15 +7
5th Rare 17 +9
6th Very rare 17 +9
7th Very rare 18 +10
8th Very rare 18 +10
9th Legendary 19 +11
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