Ravenloft characters

Current Characters

"DusterPunch 'DP' Rockgroin"

Genasi, Psionic

Born on the prime material plane, DP was taken to the elemental plane of fire while a baby by his Efreet father and raised in the City of Brass. DP's father refused to tell him who his mother is and so at the age of 18 DP sneaked out of the elemental plane of fire to search for his mother. For two years DP has searched for his mother without any luck. His journey took him to sail the seas and DP was briefly a pirate. DP's search has taken him to Berovia. He has the rare gift of the power of psionics. DP has reddish brown skin and fiery hair. He likes very spicy food and almost always wear's clothes more fit for arctic climes.

Broukhom Caskview

Mountain Dwarf Wizard
Was smartest dwarf in clan. So clan made him learn magic. But Broukhom always dreamed of being mighty barbarian. Although temporarily lost in evil house he is glad to have temporary clan. Even if the singy elf spends lots of fights sleeping. Although limited in words - he knows the words needed to make big fires.

Fr. Anton Pavlovich

Holy priest and devoted healer. Haunted by a horrible experience he had as a child where upon exploring a cave with his friends, they found a book bound in black leather. Opening the book revealed something truly horrific in its writings, and young Anton did not speak for a year after. This experience drove him to religion, and constant prayer and devotion is the only thing that can keep the ghastly visions away.

Rest in Peace

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