Perks, quirks, flaws
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1d100 Effect
01-05 Compass: The bearer of the item can use it to determine which way is north.
06-10 Delver: The bearer of the item can use it to determine how far underground they are.
11-15 Dragon Bane: The weapon deals 1 additional point of damage against draconic creatures.
16-21 Dread: The item has an ominous appearance, and grants a +1 bonus on intimidation checks.
22-26 Foe of Giants: The weapon deals 1 additional point of damage against giant creatures.
27-31 Hushed: The item dampens sound, and grants a +1 bonus on stealth checks.
32-36 Key: The item acts as a key to unlock a specific container, door, or other physical barrier.
37-42 Lightweight: The item weighs half as much as normal.
43-47 Messenger: Once per week, the item can transform into an animal and deliver a message as the animal messenger spell.
48-52 Perfectly Mundane: The item appears as though it were completely non-magical.
53-57 Portal Key: The item acts as a key to open a specific teleportation or planar portal.
58-63 Preserving: The item grants a +1 bonus to armor class and saving throws against undead creatures.
64-68 Resizing: This item automatically resizes itself to match the size of its bearer. The size change takes 1 minute.
69-73 Sacred: The item glows with the image of its creator's holy or unholy symbol, counting as a holy or unholy symbol for all purposes.
74-79 Salubrious: The bearer of this item regains 1 additional hit point from any magical effect that causes her to regain hit points.
80-84 Sympathetic: The item radiates a sympathetic aura, and grants a +1 bonus on persuasion checks.
85-89 Undead Bane: The weapon deals 1 additional point of damage against undead creatures.
90-94 When Orcs are Near: The item glows when a specific type of creature is nearby.
95-00 Wild: The item resonates with the natural world, and grants a +1 bonus on nature checks.


1d100 Effect
01-03 Aberrant: The item has disgusting eyes, maws, and tentacles, though this has no additional effect.
04-07 All About that Bass: The bearer's voice deepens an octave.
08-11 Bearding: The bearer grows a fine dwarven beard, which grows anew every dawn if it is trimmed or cut off.
12-15 Bloodthirsty: The item shakes slightly whenever blood is spilled within 20 feet of it. Shaking stops if immersed in blood.
16-19 Color-Shifting: The color of the bearer's eyes, hair, or skin changes when she carries or wears the item.
20-23 Convergent: The item is connected to another plane, bringing its bearer into telepathic contact with an otherworldly entity. The entity can communicate with the bearer to serve its own ends. Choose an appropriate entity or choose randomly from among outsider subtypes. The entity shouldn't be a being that can cause harm to the bearer through telepathic contact, such as a star-spawn of Cthulhu.
24-26 Decorous: The item activates only if the user says "please" and ceases function for 1 hour if the user doesn't thank it afterward.
27-30 Decrepit: The item looks extremely old, worn, rusted, or otherwise of low quality. Gold looks brassy, gems look like glass, other metals are rusted, etc.
31-34 Dirty: The item is always covered in dirt or mud, no matter how often it is washed or cleaned.
35-38 Flaw: Roll on the table of flaws instead.
39-42 Glittering: The item leaves a trail of glowing, magical motes as it moves. They dissipate after 1 round. This effect can be activated or deactivated with a command word.
43-46 Levitating: This item always floats slightly above the ground when laid down, dropped, or otherwise unattended.
47-50 Loyal: The item offers a perk (determined randomly upon creation) when used by its creators, but it presents a flaw (determined randomly upon creation) for all other users.
51-53 Magnificent: The item looks more powerful and valuable than it actually is.
54-57 Noisy: The item makes an odd though not particularly loud noise when in use, such as a mace that squeaks when it's swung.
58-61 Perk: Roll on the table of perks instead.
62-65 Pristine: The item is always clean, no matter how dirty everything else is.
66-69 Scaly: Scaled skin covers this item, which occasionally sheds the skin and grows a new one.
70-73 Seems Heavy: Until the bearer has attuned to the item, it weighs twice as much as normal.
74-77 Slimy: The item is covered in putrid slime, which seeps out to cover the bearer as well. Unless constantly removed, will cover most of the bearer (but has no other effects).
78-80 Soprano: The bearer's voice rises by an octave.
81-84 Spiritbound: The item's reality is imprinted onto its intended owner (creator's choice), such that the item simply doesn't exist outside of that owner's possession. The item can't be lost or stolen, and it also can't be sold or transferred.
85-88 Unusual Coloration: The item is an odd color for an item of its type, such as a sword that is bright pink.
89-92 Unusual Material: The item appears to be made of an odd material for an item of its type, such as plate armor made of carved wood.
93-96 Verdant: Leaves, moss, and vines cover the item, and leaves sprout from the targets of the item's effects.
97-00 Wet: The item and bearer are constantly soaking wet. This grants a -1 penalty on saves against cold and electricity, but a +1 bonus on saves against fire.


1d100 Effect
01-05 Adhesive: The item is covered in webs or sticky slime, and tends to stick to things. Most of the time, this is just random bits of debris and insects.
06-10 Allergic: The item is sensitive to the presence of a particular type of creature, and ceases to function whenever it is within 30 feet of such a creature.
11-15 Backlash: When attacking with or activating the item, the bearer takes 1d6 points of damage from magical energy backlash.
16-21 Covetous: The bearer becomes obsessed with material wealth.
22-26 Fey-lit: The bearer is constantly surrounded by colorful light, as if affected by the spell faerie fire.
27-31 Hallucinogenic: The bearer sees and hears mild hallucinations. While readily discernible as such, these hallucinations still impose a -1 penalty on perception and initiative checks.
32-36 Heavy: The item weighs twice as much as normal.
37-42 Insulting: The item constantly and loudly insults anyone around it. Silence and similar spells can suppress the sound as normal.
43-47 Magnetic: The item is slightly magnetic, and tends to stick to ferrous objects. Most of the time, this is just random bits of iron and cutlery.
48-52 Nighthawk: The item doesn't function in daylight, whether natural or magical.
53-57 Obedient: The bearer takes a -1 penalty on saves against effects that exercise mental control. This includes all mind-affecting charm or compulsion effects, as well as any effect the DM deems appropriate.
58-63 Paranoid: The bearer no longer trusts anyone and must attempt saving throws against all abilities and spells but her own, even those that are harmless.
64-68 Possessive: The bearer does not want to give up the item under any circumstances, and suffers withdrawl effects if denied access to it.
69-73 Prideful: The item doesn't allow its bearer to attune to other magic items. Other items already attuned to the bearer reamin so until their attunement ends.
74-79 Singing: The item constantly sings in a loud voice. Silence and similar spells can suppress the sound as normal.
80-84 Slippery: The bearer must occassionally make a Dexterity save against DC 15 or drop the item.
85-89 Slothful: The bearer must rest for 12 hours each day to gain the benefits of a full night's rest, ignoring effects that reduce the amount of sleep needed. This can affect the bearer's ability to prepare spells or regain spell slots.
90-94 Uncivilized: The item doesn't function in any area that would count as urban terrain.
95-00 Zealous: The item functions only for worshipers of the creator's patron deity. If more than one creator qualifies, roll randomly between their patron deities.
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