August 10: Always Check the Ceiling


  • Ralf
  • Gerwyn
  • William

Side Questin'

William's father arrived to town with a large caravan of wagons. He implored William to not turn his back on his people and to return to lead them as is his duty. William became irate and said that he already had left once and turned his back on his duty so he didn't care anymore.

Then, a tinkerer in town named Avocado Dick offered Ralf upgrades for his thundercannon if he would allow the gnome to research it. Later, Teefee, Ralf's sister, came up to him in the night and asked for another thunder cannon because the Cave Bash Posse had come to Ralf's cave and killed everyone (including Trude, Gleg, Arararar, Pisbiq, Wort, Strux, Skinpeel, Ralp, Murm, and Ploish) except for Teefee and Uq. Uq happens to be Ralf's arch-rival. Ralf promised Teefee another gun, because arms proliferation is fun! (Sorry William)


Recieved a clue that suspicious behavior was happening Wellver's Wagon shop from Harbuck. Started petty arguments. William spends some time in the drunk tank. Gerwyn is deputized. Ralf is squired (somehow). Ralf and Gerwyn visited the wagon shop during the day to get a lay of the land, during this time William got day drunk. To keep up the ruse the party purchased a much over hyped wagon.

Stake out

The now sober party reconvened in the evening. Ralf used his ability to climb a fence to scout the back yard of the wagon shop while the others hid. A group of individuals arrived at the wagon shop and descended into the cellar.

Scoutin' in the cellar

The party descended into the cellar after some difficulty climbing a fence (Gerwyn is seriously out of shape). They discovered floating rocks and a pile of bodies, including the missing quarry worker.

They flanked a look-out standing over a young boy being crushed alive under a rock. They convinced/intimidated Gurtz, the half orc look out, that he was better off fleeing. The party tended to the boy and he identified Rothar Hatherhand, Baragusta Harbuckler, Galeker (the stone worker) and Hellmith Wellver as the ring leaders. He says they protect the delvers (might not be the right name) and try to "protect the town".

Breakin' Knees and asking questions later

After freeing the child and sending him to fetch Harbuck, a group of masked figures burst into the room. One highly skilled enemy roughed up the party, but Ralf thunder-cannoned him. The remainder of the group were an easy rout. The party incapacitated one of the figures and kept him for later interrogation.

The party found Harbuckler in the cellar and he surrendered without a fight. They tied him up along with the incapaicated opponent.

Upon moving deeper into the cellar, the party was ambushed by a cloaked spell caster walking on the ceiling. After an intense battle during which many magic missiles were fired, Ralf exploded things, and Gerwyn did jack shit, their ambusher was forced to retreat by causing a small cave in that nearly crushed William to death.

Clean up

Harbuck arrived and identified the defeated opponents as residents of mother mary's boarding house. Gerwyn attempted to repair the knees he smashed.

Surprisingly, we didn't take any of the weird masks they were wearing. We'll have to try and get one of those, we love masks!

Monsters slain

  • 1 unarmed fighter (possibly a monk?)
  • 2 commoners with swords
  • 2 commoners with crossbows
  • One masked man had two knees broken and taken for questioning
  • Forced the retreat of an enemy spell caster


Gerwyn's upper body strength
Colonel the missing quarry worker - we hardly knew thee

Loot & XP

350XP each

  • 440cp (/3 =146 each)
  • 257sp (/3 =85 each)
  • 97gp (/3 = 32 each)
  • 5 X 6gp gems each
  • An enchanted dagger (Ralf)
  • Rusty armor, shield, and mace (William)
  • A sweet as fuck wagon: model - Malbeck (Gerwyn "Is it loot if I paid for it" Hartmond)
  • The ability to sleep under the wagon and not have to pay for room and board (Ralf)
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