June 29: Trouble Around Red Larch


  • Boggy
  • Gerwyn
  • Ira
  • Ralf (with Garland Jr.)
  • William Leosoffoson

You set fire to the tavern.

Ralf didn't do it.

Meeting outside the Swinging Sword in Red Larch, a group of adventurers became quick friends as they bonded over being horrible people. Entering the bar and approaching the barkeep, Boggy asked for an exotic drink that would, and I quote: "Burn up his insides."

Ralf, seeing another goblin in need, offered to help his friend and gave him a flask to drink. Boggy realized shortly before drinking that this flask contained alchemist fire and stealthily pretended to drink it, pouring the liquid behind him to make it look like he drank it. Alchemist fire ignites upon contact with air, and the bar erupted in flame.


In order to pay off his debt for the damages caused by this fire, Boggy was given a choice: scrub toilets or go to fight bandits. Ralf attempted to collect donations to help Boggy pay, but was kicked out of the other bar, The Helm, where William went to escape the fire.

Boggy quickly asked if it'd be okay if he went to fight the bandits instead and the party set off to fight. Gerwyn learned quickly to start conditioning Ralf into good behavior by giving him pennies.

Before leaving town, Ralf purchased a pig and brought it with him. William asked if it could be named after the owner of The Helm, Garland. Garland Jr. is still with the party.

Along the road, they were attacked by orcs in tall grass. Gerwyn set fire to the grass they were in, William and Ralf charged into the brush, and Boggy with Ira hid. The orcs were slain quickly, and Ralf cut off their ears and ate large strips of their flesh. Nobody seemed to mind.

During the night, the party noticed someone trying to set up an ambush by hiding in a tree. Ralf pulled out his thundercanon and much to the amazement/chagrin of the entire party, he shot the person out of the tree and the report of the gunshot echoed everywhere, breaking the stealth everyone tried so hard to maintain.

The fight with the Juice Boys bandit group followed. Ralf exploded Petunia's head and it was sweet. We raided their treasure and let a black bear go free from a cage.

We returned to town. We first stopped at The Helm to make fun of Garland who was angry that we brought a pig into his bar.

Would you deny your own son a room, Pigfather?

The party was summarily banned for life (for some of us, this was the second time). We returned the tattooed arm of the bandit to Harbuck the constable to prove we killed the bandits.

No Rest for the Wicked

That night, Ralf went running around town shooting his firearm off to wake people up. He then snuck into William's room and curled up in his cape to sleep. William noticed this and kicked him out, but not before the party came to see what the ruckus was and Harbuck told Gerwyn that he was responsible for Ralf and if Ralf did anything, it was his fault.

Bustin' makes me feel good

The next morning, the party heard a rumor of ghosts harassing people in the hills. They got a saddle for Garland Jr. and took off, finding a tomb. After a long conversation with a ghost within and Gerwyn's valiant efforts at keeping Ralf from doing something stupid, the party left only to be ambushed by a half-ogre and a goblin. The half-ogre struck down Gerwyn in one mighty blow before being felled by William's blade and Ralf's canon. Gerwyn managed to shake off the mighty blow and get back on his feet. The goblin attempted to flee, Ralf tried to wrestle with him and William stabbed him.

They covered the tomb back up and returned to town.

Monsters slain

  • 2x orcs
  • The Juice Boys (4x bandits)
  • 1 half-ogre
  • 1 goblin

A full share of experience is:
If you left before the second day, your share is:


Loot & XP

First half: 75XP Each
Second half: 83XP Each

1 tiara worth 25gp (Ralf)
1 ring worth 25 gp (William)
1 sexy statue 25gp (Ira)
1 necklace 25gp (Boggy)
13GP, 74SP, 98CP (Gerwyn)

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