August 27th: They Are Not A Cult

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  • Dying Crow
  • Gerwyn
  • Sir Ralf (with Val the Vulture)

Purple Worm

Back at Red Larch, we spent a few quiet weeks relaxing, pilfering, and making goggles of night.

And then the purple worm came.

Air Cult

They are not a cult1

Ralf got knighted and took Gerwyn as his +1 to the banquet. Gerwyn failed his save against self-immolation.

"You're going to be fine, just do it."

The bird he fell

Monsters slain

  • Purple Worm


  • Townsfolk


  • Purple worm glands (Poison being made by Dying Crow)
  • Purple worm stinger
  • 12 gp
  • Letter from the top floor of feathergale spire
  • Feathergale knight outfit (Ralf)
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