August 6th: Stone Cold

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  • Gerwyn (with 9x zombies)
  • Dying Crow
  • Ralf (with Gjello)

I think we're alone now

The party searched high and low, but was unable to locate Yarsha or the Mud Sorcerer. They did find a room full of three ogres that were given instructions to guard the room and smash anything not earth cult— who are now convinced the party is earth cult. Thoroughly convinced that they were alone, they decided it was safe to go upstairs to prepare some zombies for the final battle.

They went upstairs and Ralf insisted on speaking to the lich, who was actually a pretty cool dude. His name was Redwick, and we struck a deal to ensure that nobody would bother him after we finished the fight. After Gerwyn determined that Redwick was formerly a knight of some renown, we were able to gain his assistance in the form of some powerful magic.

Gerwyn assembled some zombies, and we headed back down.

Boss Battle

Finally, we faced off with Marlow Unrael, the leader of the Black Earth Cult. We sent the zombies in first to get up in his face before we rushed in and did our thing. Gerwyn turned the shadow demon he had accompanying him, and Gjello entrapped him with a web before turning to stone and falling from the ceiling to shatter on the ground.

Dying Crow engaged in blind melee with him while Gerwyn attacked him with his spiritual weapon and Ralf shot him. He tried to flee, but was eventually slain by Gerwyn's spiritual weapon.


Ralf picked up the warpick he was using (Iron Fang) and feeling a wave of destructive enthusiasm, smashed apart the big creepy statue that was found. We took all of the prisoners back to Red Larch uneventfully, and began resting after a long period of adventuring.

Monsters slain

  • Marlow Unrael the Medusa


  • Gjello


  • 1200 sp
  • 3605 gp
  • 120 pp
  • Elven chain (sold)
  • Lyre (sold)
  • Silk robe (sold)
  • Amulet of health (Dying Crow)
  • Sword of answering (Dying crow)
  • Potion of greater healing (Dying Crow)
  • Potion of Hill Giant Strength (Ralf carrying)
  • Scroll of Snowball Storm (Gerwyn)
  • Warpick +2 (Iron Fang) (Ralf studying)
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