July 30: 9:47 PM

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  • Ralf (with Jgello)
  • Gerwyn
  • Dying Crow

Saving a sniffy snivivierbirilin

We rescued the deep gnome named Rucklemoth Glitterstone (rook). We killed the priest Arione (FUCK). Marlows Unrael has snakes for hair. South of this room is a stairway that goes down to a drow temple, overrun by these elemental worshipping cultists. Deep down there they created elemental nodes, that the powers the people have come from these.


Xharva make a shield. From the city of jewels.

Fight fight fight?

Gerwyn uses arcane eye to find the medusa, who is speaking about arcane visions of people who are trying to stop his plans.

Saved people

  1. Orna, human, was trying to join the cult but didn't like it. Not a fighter. Yarsha has it out for old snakey face.
  2. Catatonic human
  3. Wolgreda, prospector who was kidnapped. Thought she was a spy or thief. No skills.
  4. Half elf - Gervur (the Pervert), from an adventuring company, a noble and a dandy.

Monsters slain

  • Black Ooze



  • 230 sp
  • 6 azurites x 10gp
  • plate armor (sold)
  • studded armor (sold)
  • long sword (sold)
  • Wand of magic missiles (Ralf)
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