July 23 2018: Bite the Bulette(s)

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  • Padraig as Dying Drow
  • Evan as Ralf
  • Collin as Gerwyn

Hiding Cultists

The Crow and the Goblin attacked two cowering cultists.

Kitchen Brawl

Dying crow stabbed dude in the face, Gerwyn figured out how to solve the problem of getting continually Shattered by a magic jerk, and Ralf hunted down a cultist that ran away. The magic jerk tried to stop the fight to talk to us, but fuck that because each and every time we talk to one of these elemental assholes they give us the exact same offer and never budge: "We won't kill you if you do this thing with all of the risk for you and only benefits me/us."

They ran away when we wouldn't talk, sinking into the earth. Maybe we'll kick their ass another day.

We recovered the wreckage of Gjello, and found a strange statue which looks like it was built from another better statue.

An Unrestful Rest

Gjello was finally revived, making all the noise and attention it drew worth it(?).

The Dying Crow and Ralf Variety Hour

Dying Crow and Ralf went on a thief/recon mission deeper into the dungeon, much to Gerwyn's delight. They crossed a grand hall with sleeping Bulettes chained up, found an ettin arguing with itself, and a room with a djinn working a forge. Unfortunately, they did not find anything easy to steal and Dying Crow's enthusiasm was dampened by Ralf being a massive coward and very on-edge.


-One hiding cultist
-3 kitchen staff cultists
-2 armored cultists
-One stone golem
Retreated: Stone armor leader, Mud sorcerer, Black Finger Thrust goblin


215 SP
140 EP
235 GP
5 PP
6x 10gp Obsidian flakes
5x 40gp Citrines
9x 50gp strange black crystals
1 potion (unidentified)
1 potion (unidentified)
1x alchemist tools (stolen from statue room)

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