• Dying Crow
  • Thava
  • Gerwyn
  • Ralf (with Gjello)


We went beneath the monastery further to seek the fortress of the Black Earth, where it was rumored something called the "Black Geode" was being nurtured to come to life. We found a large open room full of, surprise, gargoyles!

These things are chumps. Gjello webbed one while it was flying and it crashed to the ground, otherwise it was a pretty normal and chill fight. After these were defeated, Dying Crow caught a crossbow bolt that was aimed at his head— there were archers shooting from slits in the cave wall!

Banishing the Bulette

This cavern lead to a heavily fortified area, with defensible positions for archers to shoot at us while we carved away at the melee fighters. There was one man in particular who put up a fight even Thava could have respected, but he was eventually webbed and decomposed by Gerwyn's necrotic magic.

But wait, there's more

Turns out that this fight was much bigger than we anticipated, as we kept going deeper in and finding more and more enemies coming at us. Eventually, after a second bullette appeared, we decided to book it, but not before Thavra roasted some duergar.

Monsters slain

5x duergar
1x Some Guy
3x gargoyles
4x hobgoblins
1x marksman





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