May 31: That poor umberhulk

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  • Dying Crow
  • Gerwyn
  • Ralf (with Jello)

Finishing the Fight

The party was joined by Dying Crow, and with his help they laid a trap for the dwellers of the Black Earth monastery outside of the main doors to their atrium. Dying Crow made a noise to make them think the coast was clear, and they came out to an ambush. The party managed to taunt a ogre into partially blocking the doorway, meaning they could take the orogs and Black Earth monks out without having to take on (woman who is the leader) and (priest dude) along with all of their minions.

The minions scored some initial successes in beating the party up. However, unable to attack the party in melee because of Gerwyn's spirit guardians and Dying Crow's martial prowess as well as Ralf scoring some fantastic head shots on their leaders, the opposition melted away.

Exploring the Monastery

Why do they have a wood burning stove in their barracks for heat, huh? Where do they get the wood in the middle of the dang desert? Why don't they just use a stupid magical bonfire in a bucket or something? Complete and utter nonsense, these earth elemental chumps deserved to die.

The party cleared the rest of the top floor, finding a few goodies but nothing super big.

The Caverns

The party discovered that there was a large creature beneath the atrium. Ralf, scoring a surprise critical hit on the creature, managed to scare it away deeper into the dungeon. Following it, the party found that it had been caged and apparently was being fed prisoners. This did not stop them from savagely murdering the umberhulk.

Hearing the sounds of battle, prisoners screamed out for help from the party. Among the prisoners, the party found the delegation from Mirabar, Bruldinthar the dwarven sage with them.

From the writings Marlows Unrael, the Prophet of the Earth, drawn to the Fane of the Eye which was a place of extraordinary power, and took the tool (weapon?) Iron Fang for his own. He made the fortress of the Black Earth below the monastery. Black Geod- ever growing mountain shall remake these lands in his image.

They were told of something even deeper down that the Black Earth cult was involved with- nurturing the "Black Geode". Surely, this could only be a good thing.

Given their freedom, the party told the prisoners to hold up upstairs, bar the doors, and grab weapons from the armory to protect themselves until they returned so the party can escort them to safety.

Monsters slain

  • Umberhulk
  • Priest
  • Ogre
  • 3x Orogs
  • Deurgar
  • 8x Cultists



  • 120 Gold Pieces
  • 8 Silver Pieces
  • 90 Electrum Pieces
  • A set of keys (from priest)
  • 5 scrolls (unclaimed)
  • 20x books (25gp each) (unclaimed)
  • Golden priest robes (45gp) (Gerwyn)
  • Glaive (Gerwyn)
  • 2 golden masks (Thava and Dying Crow)
  • 2 bracelets (30gp each) (unclaimed)
  • Ears of the priest and Hellen Rae (Ralf)
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