April 27th: Salt the Black Earth

Wherein the party meets the dragon of the hills and finally brings some hurt to one of the cults.


  • Ralf (with Jello)
  • Gerwyn
  • Thava

Summit Hall Redirect

Thava, having spent years in Limbo, had been given a gift by a fey creature to return to the material plane. However, there was no guarantee where or when Thava would return, or even that it would be the *same* material plane she came from.

She stepped out of a rift into the bright sun of the Dessarin Valley, to see a goblin and town guard picking over a dozen or so corpses that were rotting in the sun.

…this isn't what it looks like. - Gerwyn

It was exactly what it looked like.

The party explained what was happening in the valley, that cults of earth, air, water, and fire were suddenly coming to prominence and that they knew where most of these cults were centered. That these cults had been sacrificing people and disrupting the quiet life in the valley, that there had been attempts to desecrate Mystra's shrine for some reason, and that a band of goblins had sacked Westbridge.

Thava was very dismayed to hear all of this and to find out just how far away from anything even approaching proper civilization she was. Waterdeep was a very, very long ways away and there seemed to be evil afoot in the valley, so she joined the party. Ralf was convinced that this was the dragon of the hills that had been overheard in rumors from bars in Red Larch.

Ralf was able to get the party to put off going to Westbridge for another day, under the promise to Gerwyn that he would go there after they dealt with the Black Earth cult at their monastery in the hills.

Knock knock

The party found their way to where the monastery was listed on their map, arriving to find a very quiet and unguarded squat building. They knocked on the door and the doorman said to fuck off, because they were busy and didn't want intruders. Ralf attempted to ask for hospitality because his friend was wounded, but they weren't receptive to this.

Thava took Ralf and threw him onto the roof of the building, and Jello followed. He tied a rope and the party got onto the top of the building, looking for another way in.

They eventually found a small courtyard, but were intercepted by three monks who were pissed and annoyed that the party wouldn't just leave them alone.

Ralf shot first.

Invading the Monastery

The party eventually whittled down the monks and they all fled, leaving behind two gargoyles which were quickly dispatched. The party jumped down into the courtyard, only to be quickly surrounded by several weird dwarf-like dudes, a couple of armored baddies, and two priest-looking people. They were given to the count of 5 to leave, and they started walking backwards toward the courtyard gate. Once Thava was in place to act as a barricade, Gerwyn began slinging spells and Ralf + Jello scaled the walls to take shots at the people.

The priest's spells of shatter made quick work of jello who kept throwing webs at him, but it wasn't enough. The party was able to beat back the cultists back into their sanctum, where they locked and barricaded the doors.

This would not stop the party.

Ralf picked a lock in one of the doors, revealing a motherfucking lich who asked him nicely to leave. He did. The second door lead to a long hallway which was full of people ready to stop us, which was a horrible mistake for them because Thava's breath weapon shot all the way through the hallway and slayed many.

We killed these defenders and proceeded to loot the area, finding a key, several coin and gems, a weapons room, and a distillery.

We proceeded deeper into the monastery, coming across a large set of double doors in the middle of a long arcade seemingly in the very center of the monastery. From the roof, the party had seen there appeared to be a large covered atrium in the center of the building, this is probably it.

Monsters slain

6x Druregar
2x Armored Friends
4x Gargoyle Guys
8x cultists


  • Nobody stayed dead!


1x key found in an office (unknown use)
300x Silver Pieces
12x 10gp Turquoise gems
67x Platinum Pieces
???x ???gp pieces of art

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