April 20: Elections in Red Larch


  • Gerwyn (with Magnificus)
  • Ralf (with Jello)

No Collusion

Fuck this guy in particular for no reason

The party decided that Thorsk the owner of Thaylorn's Safe Journeys absolutely was not allowed to win.

We chose to try to get Harburk the captain of the town guard to run for the election, feeling that none of the current candidates were actually that good. Gerwyn suggested that he was duty-bound to protect the city in any way he could, and Harbuk agreed to try.

Ralf spoke with Kaylessa, who had populist ideals and thought that she would bring the corruption of the city down. Ralf agreed to help by not being directly involved.

The Debate

The town crier assembled the folk and candidates, who began giving speeches. Harburk gave a middling speech, and Kaylessa didn't perform well either. During her speech though, Ralf put a Black Earth Cult medallion on Thorsk's belt, and when Maegla began her speech Ralf and Gerwyn caused a commotion to interrupt her and point out Thorsk's supposed cult connection. Thorsk, unsettled, gave a poor speech.

Harburk was downtrodden and dropped out, Thorsk felt annoyed that someone had framed him.

The Party

The party hired a bard to bring the townfolk back to Kaylessa's for a party, who did an amazing job. Ultimately, Kaylessa won in a landslide.

Rumble at Mystra's

Gerwyn had a dream that Mystra was in pain, and went to his shrine to find some jerk trying to fuck it up. He kicked his ass and turned him to mush with critical spell damage, earning himself two magic-sucking gems. One was warm, the other cold.

Ralf's Comeuppance

A certain halfling companion of Ralf's reappeared in undead form, seeking revenge for his betrayal. She was put down by Gerwyn after destroying Jello the mechanical spider, saying she would be back to continue to fuck up anything Ralf holds dear.

Monsters slain

  • six fire cult mooks
  • two hell hounds
  • Toulouse the halfling revenant
  • Jabroni


  • none


  • A brand new mayor (Red Larch)
  • Two strange gems that absorb magic (Gerwyn)
  • Rad tiny horn (Ralf)
  • Stuff from the fire cult peeps
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