April 13: Afraid of Commitment

Wherein the party has made significant enemies around the valley and managed to do none of the things they have set out to do or were pressed into doing. Surely, this will have no consequences.


  • Gerwyn
  • Ralf (with Garland Jr.)

Bathing the Goblin

Being pulled into the chapel at the fortress of the Crushing Wave for indoctrination, Gerwyn and Ralf fought hard not to fall asleep from the droning rambling of their fanatic cult leader. Ralf kept asking questions ("I can't breathe underwater, what will happen to me when the world is drowned?" "Will pigs be saved too?") and fell asleep, prompting the cultist to demand he be held under water to learn a lesson. Gerwyn received an entertaining visual as two guards, Sully and Neopoints, carried the scurrying, biting goblin toward the water.

The goblin stank was abated for the first time in weeks.

Questival to the Festival

The party was asked to go investigate the fire cult's burning man festival and to make contact with a crushing wave agent there. Subterfuge not being the party's strong point, they walked around making the crushing wave symbol at everyone there and then outright telling them that the crushing wave sent them and they have no intention of actually following through on what was asked of them.

Burning Men

How many men will burn at burning man? - Ralf

The festival was cloaked in a thick haze and many bon fires were set around the area, making it difficult to tell how many people were there. The party found that the wickerman, the burning effigy produced for the festival, was at the top of the hill. Of course, the party went straight toward it and were greeted by two "druids" trying to complete a summon, pissed that the interlopers had come.

Ralf scrambled around and ran from dogs, while Gerwyn was lit on fire. The party befriended a druid, who helped them slay the firedogs that were chasing them.

Two men burned at burning man.

Feathergale Spire

Not wanting to camp outdoors given the ruckus they had caused, the group made their way to Feathergale Spire, a place Ralf thought would be a good, safe place to stay. They weren't too happy with him bringing extra people along, but made an exception this time. Ralf found out that the Feathergale Knights were associated with the Howling Horror, and slowly pieced together that they too were a big bad cult. But I mean, so are goblin tribes, just that their element would be excrement or something instead of fire or earth.

Monsters slain

2x Hell Hounds
2x Firey dudes dressed like druids


  • None


  • None
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