March 30: The last Dessarin pirate

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  • Gerwyn
  • Ralf
  • Garland Jr.

Gerwyn's Divine Punishment

Gerwyn's week started with overhearing some rumors about things happening in the valley, and witnessing Ralf be dropped off in town by a dazzling knight riding a hippogriff. He questioned his sanity and if the drink had finally got to him.

Before leaving town, Ralf tried unsuccessfully to armor his pig.

"Mia Khalife runs off into the night, screeching"

The party set out to the Bargewright Inn near Womford to find a boat to take them up the Dessarin River to near where the Black Earth cultists were supposedly hiding out. Along the way, they were attacked by two gargoyles. Garland Jr. tried to escape but at first failed to clear the edge of the wagon, slamming his head against the wood and squealing. When he finally did jump out of the wagon, Gerwyn was able to use his divine powers to calm the pig.

"This is the worst use of a second level spell slot I've ever seen."

The party finally arrived at the Inn, finding a stable to lodge the wagon and Magnificus the Greater. They found a merchant, Clar, trying to run medical and household supplies to Beliard, and wanted some hired muscle to help. The party agreed and set off.

Paging Captain Phillips

It wasn't long before the party was set upon by an overwhelming force of 10 Crushing Wave mooks, two priest-y types, and a MAN RIDING A FUCKING CROCODILE. Ralf and Gerwyn fought valiantly, attempting to inflict enough hurt to at least make themselves seem valuable if they surrender.

Which they did, incredibly begrudgingly, on the terms that they'd perform a service given that they are mercenaries. Gerwyn didn't want to work for criminals, and Ralf just has issues with authority, so it was really hard for them to bite their tongue and accept this.

They were carted off by "Jolly" Joliver to the keep of the Crushing Wave cult, and basically conscripted to join them. Bitter but cunning, they whispered under their breath in goblin about ways they were going to escape and get their revenge.

Also Garland Jr. has the stats of a mastiff now.

Monsters slain

2x gargoyles (Red & Mia Khalife)


4x peasants (Little Italy, Charles Houghtling, Suzette, Logal)
1x Captain (Clar)


  • 2x sharktooth short swords (1d6 + 1d6 against unarmored foes)
  • 1 emerald worth 50 gp
  • 1 ruby worth 50 gp
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