Ralfs of the Apocalypse

Wherein Ralf slips away from the watchful eyes of his companions and goes on an adventure by himself.


  • Ralf


Being small and sneaky gives Ralf a big advantage in listening to rumors around town. He heard of an elf babe, that there were crazy people in the mountains, and knights on big ol' birbs.

So he set out to find any one of these three things in the mountains. He left by himself1

Wandering through the hills, he came across the Sighing Valley, where Feathergale Spire was. He entered the valley and narrowly escaped some gnolls, only to be attacked by a gargoyle which he thought was a cozy rock to sleep on. Knights on the backs of great birbs came and rescued him.

Feathergale Spire

Ralf gave the knights tales of his adventures, and spoke to Sevra and Theurbard (spelling?) about the cults of Black Earth and Crushing Wave. They said these were evil. Ralf didn't like them either so he thinks these are friends. They gave him food and then they went on a hunt for a manticore. Ralf flew on a Gussy and killed the manticore. He got a ring. They seemed nice.

They partied and Ralf did party tricks with his gun. Ralf's amazing deeds2 earned him the respect of the knights and an offer to become one of them if he performed a small task. Nothing else happened.3

Monsters slain



A halfling?


A nice ring

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