Dessarin 500

Where we do laps around the Dessarin Valley just for fun.


  • Guilliam Leogoveld
  • Gerwyn
  • Ralf


We finally made it to Beliard after a long and boring journey through canyons and badlands. Remind ralf to bring things to tinker with next time we spend a week in a wagon.

We recieved some information about the caravan, and a few odd sightings: men riding giant birds wearing light blue armor and white capes. William kept our cover for us while we were in town, and we slipped away unnoticed.

On the road + Summit Hall

We came across the sign of a battle, with many corpses carrying the sigil of the Red Axe, bug bears dressed in the garb of the black earth cult, and the body of a monk wearing a golden mask.

Soon after, while camping by the river, we kicked the shit out of some pirates of the Bilveta gang. Ralf and William fought over their captain's hat. Ralf finally annoyed William enough to have him give up the hat, but Ralf lost it almost immediately. It's somewhere on the road between Beliard and Summit Hall.

At Summit Hall, we met with a lady (Lady Ushien Stormbanner) who gave us more information. The monk was part of the order of the Sacred Stone, a supposedly peaceful sect. The bodies we found did not contain all of the members of the convoy, so some are presumably kidnapped (though she mentioned that the people missing may have special powers that could be dangerous if they were forced to use them for evil).

Some Dude (Elk Tribe Hunters)

Some dude came screaming out of the woods and tried to cut Gerwyn's leg off with an axe. William, high on pipe weed, wakes up from an anxiety dream to Ralf screaming, Gerwyn screaming, and this guy screaming as his face gets melted off. William had a very bad morning.

We finally made it to Womford, stayed the night, and left at first light to make it back to Red Larch. The session ended at our arrival (return) in red larch.

Monsters slain

6x Some Dudes (Elk Tribe Hunters)
1x Pirate Captain
?x Pirates




9 gems
1 golden mask
1 pirate hat (Ralf [lost])
Body of a masked monk (we hoard bodies now)

Next Game

  • Get to Feather Gale spire northeast of Red Larch and explore it for clues.
  • Start a base of operations in Red Larch since it's apparently the only town worth a dang.
  • Get a bloody boat already.
  • Find the remaining members of the caravan
  • Figure out why these cults are suddenly being jerks and attacking everything.
  • Find the order of the sacred stones and speak to them about their missing member.
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