August 17th: Where we overstay our welcome and finally leave


  • William (what's his name now?!)
  • Gerwyn
  • Nam
  • And others

Round 2: Get dunked on, earth jerk.

After interviewing people who were captured alive, Harbuk rounded up the rest of the townsfolk who were involved with the cult beneath the wagonworks. The cult had been worshipping the floating stones and the earthjerk priest who could read them to make prophecies.

Later that night though, we awoke to an explosion. Running to the scene (because everyone assumed Ralf was doing something horrible), the jail had been ransacked and Harbuk was outside barely conscious. After Ralf assured him that this explosion wasn't him, the party set to work attacking the earth priest within who was killing the prisoners, likely so they didn't give any information away.

We kicked his ass.

We're horrible people.

What's better than making an entire town angry at you? Well, some people still like us because they don't fully know the horrible things we've done (this means our popularity looks similar to Donald Trump's; anyone who really knows us hates us).

Don't cry, there will be other hangings!
-Ralf, trying to comfort an onlooker at the public execution

After viewing a hanging, the party was given the task to investigate a missing trade caravan that was on the way to Summit Hall from Beliard.

Waterjerks in the hills

After basically just stepping outside of town we were set upon by a gang of bandits, a priest, and some weird creepy dude that could turn into water. After kicking their ass, the party interrogated them to find out that they were part of a water cult. Well, great. William got into a fist fight with the water dude and knocked the shit out of him.

Ralf opts-out of making enemies with or even trying to encounter the inevitable fire cult.

Monsters slain

1x earth jerk
1x water dude
5x bandits
1x water priest




4x Amulets in the shape of an iron spindle

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