July 24th: Iron & Diamonds
Table of Contents


  • Gerwyn
  • Tulullah-Belle
  • Greenbottle


After a week of legendary partying where Zequin was announced the Party King, the party woke up to find two characters vying to employ them, a humble cleric and a powerful sorcerer who appeared to be a pirate. Both promised adventure in the destruction of a foul necromancer staying outside of town, but seemed to be working against each other.

Charmed by the antics of the Muscle Wizard Deagh, Greenbottle and Zag… Zig… Zegamuchi followed him out of town to meet with his ally, none other than famous author/magic user Geoffrey Diamonds. Here, a plan was hatched: in exchange for pulling a prank on Baelfjord by sending him to the elemental plane of sausage, the party would be given wondrous treasures and have a new line of stories written about them.

The other half of the party, Tulullah-Belle and Gerwyn, agreed to follow the humble cleric Lazlow to meet with his ally, the powerful and intimidating John Baelfjord. He spoke to the party how Geoffrey Diamonds has something dark behind his eyes despite being so outwardly kind, and he had his own plan: embarrass the fop at a party he's hosting by taking away "chill" and "cool" points until he is utterly humiliated.

The party, now given their tasks, set out to meet the other camp. Tulullah-Belle and Gerwyn bumped into a truly awful bard on their way to Geoffrey Diamonds' camp, while Greenbottle and Zuggyman found Swiss Swenson, the prankster king carving his face into trees. Now, the party has encountered each other, and uneasily as both sides think the other has been compromised by a necromancer, they sit and chat.

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