July 13: The Lord of Lance Rock is Dead

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  • William
  • Ralf
  • Gerwyn
  • Ira
  • Tululable
  • Boggy

Lance rock - round 2

Having been beated back and forced to rest, the party returned to lance rock. They fought through the newly barricaded entrance and reunited with those who decided to camp in the cave (seriously, why? [it was cozy and safer, zombies can't climb stupid longshank]).

The party murdered animated hands, the zombie village people, 4 shadows, and the "Lord of Lance rock" himself was struck down.

Monsters slain (by encounter)

  • Skeletons at the entrance
  • 5 zombies dressed as the village people
  • A bunch of zombie hands, more skeletons, and two shadows
  • 2 more shadows and the necromancer


  • Ira's music career


  • Wand of magic missiles (William)
  • Drift Orb (Ralf)
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