July 6: The lord of lance rock appears

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  • Gerwyn
  • William
  • Gilderoy Rare-Editions
  • Ira
  • Boggy
  • Ralf
  • Tulullah-Belle

Event 0: A string of unsolved buglaries

No comment… Ralf

Event 1: Hired to investigate a missing quarry worker

Sent to find Colonel (literally his first name) the quarry worker.

Event 2: Stirge cave

The party thought it would follow the first lead provided by suspicious persons like a bunch of amateurs. When they arrived at the cave, they found suspicious prints and a slumbering cave. Until someone *ahem* shouted into the cave dragonly. Despite party members losing a collective blood bank to the evil little vampire bug birds, they slew them and returned to town with more poop than before.

The group (William) confronted the head of the Quarry but didn't get anywhere

Event 3: Lance Rock

Following the guard captain's directions they investigated the local land mark of lance rock for suspicious behavior. Are skeletons suspicious? The party killed a some skeletons, then withdrew to rest and attempt the attack again later (next session).

Monsters slain

  • 6x Stirges
  • 4x Skeletons


Nobody died!


  • Ears for the collection (Ralf)
  • Three soiled fancy outfits (Ralf, Tulullah-Belle, Gilderoy)
  • Two pieces of parchment, a picture of someone's kids, a pair of coveralls, a fork, a quill, two books on mining (Ralf)
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