Additional Rules for Princes of the Apocalypse

Knowledge of the Dessarin Valley

This campaign takes place on the continent of Faerun in which is part of the Forgotten Realms mythos. Unless the player decides otherwise, the PCs have a basic knowledge of the locations and history of the Dessarin Region. If a piece of knowledge is not known or recalled by the PCs, it is likely known by a resident of the Dessarin Valley.

Leaving the Campaign Area

The large cities of Waterdeep and Neverwinter can be reached in about a weeks travel. Should PC's choose to go there they will need to expend money for the travel and will have to roll encounter checks. Once reaching the destination, PC's will need to spend money for accommodation (as per the Player's Manual). Please not that these areas are not officially part of the module.

Unearthed Arcana

For advanced players. Please feel free to use class options from the Unearthed Arcana section of the wizards of the coast website. There is some really cool stuff there and I encourage trying new things out. Because these are not optimized classes, I will reserve the right to modify features of these classes to make them more balanced if I feel it is necessary. This will be a collaborative process.

House Rules

  • If a PC is killed the person may roll up a new PC at the level of the lowest level living PC of the party. You start will the base experience points for that level.
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