PC's from the Dessarin Valley

who are these fools


Ralf is a goblin of the Ratrot clan. He shoots first. He dislikes tall things unless he's on top of them. He is trying to become the biggest and strongest to become the big boss of his clan. He has a gun that goes boom-de-boom and loves fire. The Ratrots are a very weak presence in the Dessarin Valley but occasionally raid farms for food or start fires for fun.

Ralf's quest is to gain power and intelligence to eventually subvert human civilization. It would be sad if all humans died because then there's nobody to conquer and eat. Being a communal creature, he knows it is important to be friends with the longshanks because of safety in numbers. He hopes to return one day to defeat his brother TeeFee, who exiled him so he could take over the clan after a disastrous game of hide-or-get-clubbed. Ralf has a pig named Garland Too Jr. and hopes to ride it. Ralf does not fully understand the world of humans and has a long list of things he is not allowed to do.

Guilliame Leovigeld I (William)

Guilliame spent his life in the upper classes of a small barony known as Anuwyn. As the eldest son of his house, he was expected to ascend to the rank of a lord after proving himself as a knight and judicial servant to the barony.

Though he spent his youth training as one of Anywyn's Lion Knights, and has spent enough time in the courts to understand diplomacy and law, Guilliame never took his vows of servitude to his people. Guilliame essential failed to finish being groomed into a lord of Anywyn, and did nothing to change this.

Where once Guilliame stood as an exemplar of youthful strength and charm, he has become an overgrown spoiled noble bored with his duties and disillusioned with the future promised to him. His father finally urged the now middle-aged Guilliame to take his vows and assume his role as a lord.

Guilliame left the barony the next day with a small pack of supplies, his long reaching poleaxe, and his Lion Knight's cloak. Someday he thought he would return to prove to Aluwyn that he is better than all of them when he is without them.

Gerwyn Hartmond

Gerwyn was a dedicated city watchman and investigator for the majority of his life. As a
respectable, lawful, and pious individual it suited him perfectly and he enjoyed his work; However, when he began hearing voices in his head it drastically affected his work. Eventually, he had to resign and began wandering. After months of wandering like a lunatic, Gerwyn arrived at the dessarian valley. Here, the voices revealed themselves as Mystra, and he became a reluctant cleric of the god of magic - tasked with investigating something mysterious even to his goddess.

Ira Darkrock

Clan Darkrock was a downtrodden clan and even among them they have their own blacksheep. Ira of the pitiful Clan Darkrock is not a traditional dwarf. Handsome by even Elven standards. Ira was stunning for a Dwarf and his good looks and strength had the potential to rise The Darkrock's to heights unseen. His clan saw the value in the young mountain dwarf and saw him as a means out of the squalor which is all they have known. The means of which was the marriage to the a minor line of the Thane of the Mountain. This was until Ira was found in the Bed of the Thane himself and promptly thrown from the Mountain and ensuring his Clan's status forever.

Ira now searches for redemption for himself and for a new life where being thought of as one of those creepy Darkrock's is not all here he hears. Battered and bruised Ira sets out to redefine himself although his rampant libido that caused so much trouble in the first place may continue to plague him.



Tulullahbelle, or Tulah as her friends call her, grew up listening to stories about her great-great-great-grandfather Roguy Balley, the most famous adventurer to come out of Greenbluff. He singlehandedly saved a dryad's tree; she was so grateful that she married him. He also headed up the effort to save the town of Midale from Itabum the Gargoyle Duke, who plotted to turn the entire town into gargoyles to protect his tower and do his bidding. He also located the lost Order of Paradise, who had been thought to be lost in the Llanda Forest, although it turned out they were sick of living in shade and rain and moved down south where the sun shines and the weather is warm all year long.

For as long as she could remember, Tulah wanted to do great things and help people, just like her ancestor. As she grew up and began to reach adulthood, weird things started happening. Things like her sister suddenly floating up into a tree, or her dad randomly sprouting a beard full of feathers. Excited by her new, albeit somewhat sporadic, powers, Tulah decided to stake out on her own, hoping to follow in her great-great-great-grandfather Roguy Balley's footsteps, using her budding power for the greater good.


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