Events and Quests in the Dessarin Valley

To Do:

Investigate missing trade caravan

This trade caravan was on its way to Summit Hall to Beliard. There were also many important people in this caravan.


Eliminating the Bandits on the Cairn Road

Status: Complete (RIP Juice Boys)

Investigate the ghost sighting in the hills north of town

Status: Complete (Closed up the cave and killed the bandits using it as a trap)

Investigate the disappearance of the Dtha Kernel

Status: Complete (Found Kernel's body beneath Wellver's wagon)

Investigate Tricklerock Cave (complete)

Attacked by stirges. No sign of the body

Investigate Lance Rock (Complete)

The necromancer calling himself the lord of lance rock is dead. Found a symbol of an eye near where he was killed.

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