** Very Important Characters **

The "must know" of the game:

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The Lord and his Men
Dughk AKA "Duck"
Lord Orville

The Young Generals of Krutin
Cyan Wilkins
Vin Mills
Yolanda Lyon

The Dethbolt Orcs
Skaburty Skabuz
Grotbad tha’ Thundacounta
Dregshak Grubsnaga

Cherished Comrades
Swiss Swenson

Scoundrels and Monsters
"Mr. Fantastic"

Staff and Friends from The Lost Soul

The Heralds of the Thundercoven

Brynoth the Hated
Anyantum Stormwatcher
Findroxxis the Reviled
Anardin the Intimidator
The Devil in Shining Armour, Pica Tremamius
Stone-Wall Camund
Cutha the Dancer

** Minor characters:

** Deceased:

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