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Blacksmithing - STR

Wandmaking - INT

Scrolls - WIS & INT

Potions - WIS

Items require components. Components required are to be discussed between PCs and the DM.


If you meet the DC or are within 2 points of it, you create the item.
Below that, and for every 5 below that, you gain a negative property.
Above that, and for every 5 below, you gain a positive property.

Gains a +1
Gains additional property
Gain a minor benefit
Gain a major benefit
May give the weapon any additional weapon property such as finesse, damage type, etc.
Player's choice

Gain a minor detriment
Gain a major detriment
Gains -1
Lose property
Gain a negative property
Roll twice, ignoring 6

Base difficulty - DC 11 + Item's grade

Common: +1
Uncommon +2

Then roll at the end:

Did you make a better item? Did you just make the item? Did you make it worse?

Rushing - Roll checks at disadvantage to half the time.

Increase build time by 50% to roll at advantage.

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