A Calm Emotions spell can suppress the effects of madness, while a Lesser Restoration spell can rid a character of a short-term or long-term madness. Depending on the source of the madness, Remove Curse or Dispel Evil might also prove effective. A Greater Restoration spell or even more powerful magic is required to rid a character of indefinite or special madness.

Short Term

1d10 Minutes

01–20 The character retreats into his or her mind and becomes Paralyzed. The effect ends if the character takes any damage.
21–30 The character becomes Incapacitated and spends the Duration screaming, laughing, or weeping.
31–40 The character becomes Frightened and must use his or her action and Movement each round to flee from the source of the fear.
41–50 The character begins babbling and is incapable of normal Speech or spellcasting.
51–60 The character must use his or her action each round to Attack the nearest creature.
61–70 The character experiences vivid hallucinations and has disadvantage on Ability Checks.
71–75 The character does whatever anyone tells him or her to do that isn’t obviously self-­ destructive.
76–80 The character experiences an overpowering urge to eat something strange such as dirt, slime, or offal.
81–90 The character is Stunned.
91–100 The character falls Unconscious.

Long Term

1d10 x 10 Hours

01–10 The character feels compelled to repeat a specific activity over and over, such as washing hands, touching things, praying, or counting coins.
11–20 The character experiences vivid hallucinations and has disadvantage on Ability Checks.
21–30 The character suffers extreme paranoia. The character has disadvantage on Wisdom and Charisma Checks.
31–40 The character regards something (usually the source of madness) with intense revulsion, as if affected by the antipathy effect of the Antipathy/Sympathy spell.
41–45 The character experiences a powerful delusion. Choose a potion. The character imagines that he or she is under its effects.
46–55 The character becomes attached to a “lucky charm,” such as a person or an object, and has disadvantage on Attack rolls, Ability Checks, and saving throws while more than 30 feet from it.
56–65 The character is Blinded (25%) or Deafened (75%).
66–75 The character experiences uncontrollable tremors or tics, which impose disadvantage on Attack rolls, Ability Checks, and saving throws that involve Strength or Dexterity.
76–85 The character suffers from partial amnesia. The character knows who he or she is and retains racial traits and Class Features, but doesn’t recognize other people or remember anything that happened before the madness took effect.
86–90 Whenever the character takes damage, he or she must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be affected as though he or she failed a saving throw against the Confusion spell. The Confusion effect lasts for 1 minute.
91–95 The character loses the ability to speak. 96–100 The character falls Unconscious. No amount of jostling or damage can wake the character.


Flaw, lasts until cured.

01–15 “Being drunk keeps me sane.”
16 - 25 "I keep whatever I find."
26–30 “I try to become more like someone else I know—adopting his or her style of dress, mannerisms, and name.”
31–35 “I must bend the truth, exaggerate, or outright lie to be interesting to other people.”
36–45 “Achieving my goal is the only thing of interest to me, and I’ll ignore everything else to pursue it.”
46–50 “I find it hard to care about anything that goes on around me.”
51–55 “I don’t like the way people judge me all the time.”
56–70 “I am the smartest, wisest, strongest, fastest, and most beautiful person I know.”
71–80 “I am convinced that powerful enemies are hunting me, and their agents are everywhere I go. I am sure they’re watching me all the time.”
81–85 “There’s only one person I can trust. And only I can see this Special friend.”
86–95 “I can’t take anything seriously. The more serious the situation, the funnier I find it.”
96–100 “I’ve discovered that I really like killing people.”


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1 Collective Unconscious Desire for Suicide
2 Disruption of the Universal Order
3 Fear of a Blackened Planet
4 Imaginary Equation, Incorrect yet True
5 Lament of a Mother for her Dead Child
6 Lust of a Betrayed Lover
7 Memories of Pre-Conception
8 Regret for Unchosen Possibilities
9 Space Between the Ticks of a Clock
10 World Under Water

Out Of The Abyss


01-20 My anger consumes me. I can't be reasoned with when my rage has been stoked.
21-40 I degenerate into beastly behavior, seeming more like a wild animal than a thinking being.
42-60 The world is my hunting ground. All others are my prey.
61-80 Hate comes easily to me and explodes into rage.
81-00 I see those who oppose me not as people, but as beasts meant to be preyed upon.


01-20 People are plotting to kill me. I have to strike first to stop them!
21-40 There is only one solution to any of my problems: unfettered murder.
42-60 There is more than one mind in my head.
61-80 If you don't agree with me, I'll beat you until you do.
81-00 I cannot allow anyone to touch anything that belongs to me. They'll take it, or covet it and plan to do so.


01-20 I never let anyone know the truth about my intentions or actions, even if doing so would be beneficial to me. Secrets are more important.
21-40 I have intermittent hallucinations and fits of catatonia.
42-60 My mind wanders as I have elaborate fantasies with no bearing in reality. WHen I return my focus to the world, I have a hard time remembering what is reality.
61-80 I convince myself that things are true easily, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Everyone else must be wrong.
81-00 I am prone to violent delusions that make no sense to anyone else.


01-20 Nothing is more important in the world than me and my desires.
21-40 Anyone who doesn't do exactly as I say doesn't deserve to live.
41-60 Mine is the path of redemption. Anyone who says otherwise is intentionally misleading.
61-80 I will not rest until I have made someone else mine, and doing so is more important than my own life, or the lives of others.
81-90 My own pleasure and comfort is paramount. Everything else, including social graces, laws, and safety, is trivial.
91-00 Anything that can bring me even the smallest happiness is to be enjoyed immediately. Nothing pleasurable should be saved for later.


01-20 I have to consume everything that I can!
21-40 I refuse to part with any possessions- even gold coin.
42-60 I'l do everything I can to get others to eat and drink beyond their normal limits.
61-80 I must possess as many material goods as I can.
81-00 My personality is irrelevant. What I consume is what defines me, and people will know me by that what I eat, horde, and buy.


01-20 I am usually withdrawn and moody, dwelling on the insufferable state of life.
21-40 I am compelled to make the weak suffer.
42-60 Honoring the dead is infantile, tombs, rites and funerals should be mocked. The dead are to be used.
61-80 I want to achieve everlasting existence in undeath, by any means.
81-00 I am awash in the awareness of life's futility.


01-20 I get caught up in the flow of anger, and try to stoke it in others around me like a fire to create mobs.
21-40 The flesh of intelligent creatures is delicious!
42-60 I rail against oppressive laws and customs of civilization, I yearn for a more primitive time.
61-80 I hunger for the death of others, I will do anything to start or cause fights just to see bloodshed.
81-00 I keep trophies from every enemy I slay, turning them into adornments.


01-20 I see visions around me in the world that others do not.
21-40 I periodically slip into a catatonic state, staring into a void where my vision is infinite.
42-60 I see an altered version of reality, with my mind convincing itself that things are true even in the face of any evidence to the contrary.
61-80 My mind is slipping away, and my intelligence waxes and wanes.
81-00 I am constantly scratching at unseen fungal infections.
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