Adventures (WIP)

Waking up in a secret hallway


The Catman opens a door.

Peasant gets small revenge on the one responsible for the raid on Müdville that destroyed the entire settlement, and killed the prized village pig Jeremy Crawford.

Thava and Oats learn the value of keeping their own maps while they run around in circles lost.

Hermey almost got whisked away to another realm by a statue.

A Long Way From Mudville


A mysterious peasant, folk hero of Mudville, has joined the party. He is very, very lost. The party splits to defend Helga from rats, leaving Nez and Grothaga behind, Oats, Thava, Hermey, Peasant and Thackney head into the temple. There a creepy dude doing prayers in the main room and tells the party to meet the old gods. We saw him before beside the Rat King. The creepy dude is some kind of ape, who smashes Oat's panther head into the altar, as everyone knew he would. The party kills the priest, and then they rescue Oats from the brink of death, and then they continue on and Peasant trashes a bookstore. There's a fight in the lockerroom.

Hard Times in a Dead Town


J'na wants Wrangel to bring peace between the Rat Prince and The Deathspeaker Grothaga. Wrangel signs up for Common Second Language classes. The next morning Oats has Malaise, just like Camund. Thava and Hermey have sweet armour. The company visits the Bookmangla. It turns out that the Deathspeaker declared Oats a goblin years ago and Childgambla is his real father. The company buys a bunch of scrolls. The company goes scavenging and fights some dogs. John T.G. Baelfjord and Bloodsnig plus some lackeys, servants of Nagil, show up claiming they have a cure for malaise. Turns out Mirafae is there, companion of Fendroxis. Brother Stubbs and his rat patrol got pwned in the bar, and we kicked him into the love pool. Wrangel signed up to go to hell, and then he died, because it turned out that Moira and J'na where an evil hag and sucubus, respectively.

Horsin' around


Fleeing on summoned horses, the company takes off pursued by drow, but immediately runs into an army of magnakin imps, ogres, flaming metal dwarves with warhammers, giant flaming salamanders, and a 22 foot tall man, Jerian Titus, from the eastern throne. He rules underground and fights goblins, but it's not going well. The company makes a new friend. We make our way to the vermin sepulchre after an adventure on folding ironhorse dicycles, and we also meet Benjamin K. Foldington, who claims to be Oats' dad. They meet an innkeeper something or another the deposed, who turned Oats into a dwarf years ago. The black rats roll through town, and the company awakens for a fresh new day. And fresh new eyes, throats and horns. Oats gets his ass handed to him at the love pit, and Wrangel saved him, but now he owes J'na a favor. Helga the giantess makes armour for Thava, Hermey comissioned a helmet.

Showdown on the Span part 2: blood rage

Nez tried to parley with el genius the Bonghalor, and they didn't start a fight, which was good. Thava and the stone knight showed up, and so did a bunch of elves. Wrangel started to fight them, when Oats and a bunch of orcs showed up at the end of a bad trip. Nez is trying to get a fight going with time-displaced orphan Wilmar who joined the bonghalor but Oats' orcs kept trying to attack him, and they basically played Benny Hill shouting at orcs. Ventris is bored and getting high with some guy, maybe el genius, there's a shadowy figure at the south cave entrance. Also, Kilgore's ghost called us all jerks for not fighting, and then he got on a spectral horse to attack Camund, but then he discarded his sword and stopped possessing the body he was riding around in. An elf mage and some warriors showed up and tried to poison us. Wilmar got his sword back from Thava. Then a wandering Zoidberg showed up and ate the Orc priest and a bunch of the orcs. Thava picked up Slaygorn and it was fucking sweet. Hermey almost died but then the Elves were dispatched. The Bonghalor fucked off, Nez killed the squidman, I'm not sure what happened to Camund, Thava got possessed by an evil sword and killed the last orcs. Moira apparently just hung out with the skeleton band the whole time. Hermey and Oats just about died.

Showdown on the Span: Wrath of the Cave Father


Upon a stony island that serves as an anchor point between the massive stone bridges that traverse the lava fields, a tense confrontation has begun. The trio of best friends - Nez, Hermes, and the lovable Wrangel - have met with two thirds of the mysterious assassin group known as Bonghalor.

While Nez confronts the githzerai who identifies himself as Bonghalor the Genius, Ventris the Weapon Master descends down the great steps of the span. These tensions can be relieved or broken by the actions of the vice-prone sorcerer or the meddlesome druid, but they will have to calm the the sword known as SLAYGORN. Slaygorn lets its thunderous voice ring out through its undead host. The spirit of Killgore is inviting the ensuing bloodshed.

Meanwhile, the Stone-Knight Camund and his newfound ally, Thava, charge across the great spans on an ethereal steed. They bring news of a shadowy host that has crossed into the underworld to devour the adventurous group.

And what of the one who has made his mark upon death itself, Oatmeal Stout? His involvement and allegiance to the party has been spotty as of late. Will his re-appearance turn the tide, or usher in a new calamity wrought by his own hand?

The Depths Below: Call of the Forgotten

(02/19/2016): With their warrior busy talking to an NPC for the duration of the game, and their beloved druid, Oatmeal Stout, still missing, it is up to Nez, Wrangel, and Herme to push forward into the underworld.

As they exit the forge of the entropy worshiping golem, a cacophony of haunting wind instruments fills the air, calling them down the crooked passage before them. A two-syllable chant can be heard in the backs of their minds, and the golem seals the iron doors behind them.

The devil-crow, Thakne, muses to the group: "the forgotten sword of the slayer has been found, and his crusade for vengeance begins again."

What will become of the three unlikely friends as they push further into the depths, and who will wield the forgotten sword?

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