Grunch the Lonehunter

Grunch was born the unwanted child of a human and a storm giant. He was abandoned after birth in the woods of the north, left to die in the harsh winter. Grunch was adopted by a pack of dire wolves and raised to be a part of the pack. When he was a young man, Grunch earned the wolf honourific of "Lonehunter" when he set out across the pack ice and slew, bare handed, a dire polar bear as a test of his coming of age.

Grunch's dire wolf clan was wiped out one night when the pack stopped to rest in a cave which was coincidentally an entrance to the Underdark used by the Drow to raid the world above for gold and slaves. Enraged by the destruction of his clan, Grunch pursued the raiding party into the underdark and wiped them out. In his rage he became lost and began wandering the underdark, looking for a way out for a year. Eventually his journey took him to the Duerger city of Gracklstugh where he fell in with the group of Shinrye et al. (aka She-filth) after witnessing the peculiar death of the Drow, Gilly Braham.

Grunch despises the Drow, and though intelligent, does not see any differences between the Drow of different clans. Grunch's strongest desire at this point is to return to the surface to bury the bones of his dire wolf clan. Grunch is generally lawful neutral, but as he becomes more desperate he tends towards true neutral.

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