Goblins are not the smartest creatures in the world, but they have their own form of chess.

It requires a 3x3 grid and 6 game pieces (3 for each player). Favored game pieces are bugs, frogs, or baby turtles.



Players take turns moving pieces, which can only move forward or attack another piece diagonally.

The game is over if all pieces are removed from play, either from being lost, if they walk/hop/fly away and can't be recovered, or otherwise disappear.


Goblins with enough patience can end the game, but more intelligent goblins have been known to play the game for ages, taking years to strategize a single turn. The goblin known as Ğames the Game Master, who rose to deity-status within Goblin-kind, is rumored to have once took ten years to make the first move of a game, winning by default as his goblin opponent died of old age. This has become a fable told within goblins to explain the importance of ignoring problems long enough until they go away while making it look like you're just making a careful decision.

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