Ğames the Game Master

Ğames the Game Master is a lesser god worshipped exclusively by Goblins. He is the embodiment of "fake it til you make it" attitudes of indifference and laziness.


The history of Ğames is muddled, having only been retold through oral tradition it is difficult to ascertain exact details of his life (such as which clan he was from, where, and when he lived). What is certain though is that goblins worship his game playing ways and attribute the creation of goblin chess to him, and that it has been possibly thousands of years since he has lived.

Ğames rarely is seen, but when he does appear it is as a trickster, generally trying to fleece people into playing games with him and acting stupid to trick people into thinking they have an easy win. He is often seen at roadsides with a poorly constructed stand advertising games.

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