Findroxxis The Reviled

FIndroxxis has copper hair and bright blue eyes. His face is hidden behind a bronze leper mask. While this mask is weathered and worn, he is incredibly protective of it. His skin appears pale and heavily scarred from a past disease he never fully recovered from.

The legends note that he possesses a perfect memory, andis known for his foolhardy bravery.

Findroxxis is a legend throughout the world. He is lamented frequently for his many years traveling with Pica and Camund.


The party met Findroxxis under the city in the tunnels near the second wall. He was in a strange room filled with tall pillars, and an ornate door that would not open.

He was impressed by Salada's creative mockery of Herme, and shared a laugh with the group when they detailed Herme's near sexual encoutner with a horrible swamp-hag.

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