The Eigen Horn of Ayeeeeee?

The Eigen Horn of Ayeeeeee is a mechanical horn that allows a ship to project an illusion on a target point based on how the horn is aimed.

The horn allows the user ship to project a magical Illusion on the horizon within line of sight

You create an image It appears at a spot you can see and lasts for the duration. It seems completely real, sensory effects included. You can't create a sensory effect strong enough to cause damage or a condition.

As long as you are within range of the illusion, you can use your action to make the image to move to any other spot within range. As the image changes location, you can alter it so that its movements appear natural for the image.

Physical interaction with the image reveals it as an illusion. A creature can use its action to determine that it's an illusion with a successful Investigation check. If a creature learns it's an illusion, it can see through the image, and the other sensory qualities become faint to it.

The illusion lasts as long as the horn's low frequency sound is emitted

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