March 11th - The Capturing of The Gus

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  • Casimir
  • Mortimer
  • Gnoc
  • Solomon Dantes
  • Milana

The Gus Sens a Scouting Party

The Gus has had word that the island is not secure. They send out a row boat with two men on-board, one manning the rows the other with a long ivory horn at his hip.

They lure the men up into the town and before many words are spoken Milana Assassinates the one with the horn. They then quickly kill the other prisoner. They then attempt to signal to the gus via the horn that it is safe to come back to port. However, blowing a horn is a skilled task with a specific sequence that only the now dead horn blower knew. The gus starts to go back out to port.

Capturing the Gus

They take the row boat and with a little help from some storm sorcerery intercept the Gus and kill all on-board. Casimir takes control of a storm and uses lightening to devastate most of the crew. Mortimer scores an epic critical hit on the pirates captain. Milana loots below deck.

Returning to Port

As they are returning to port a long deep ship horn echos across the water, originating from a gathering storm on the horizon.

Monsters slain

An entire ships crew



The gus

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