March 7th: The Religious Leader Starts a Dub Band

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  • Gnoc
  • Rollen
  • Casimir
  • Mortimer
  • Solomon Dantes

Finishing the Dungeon

The party continues to explore the cave beneath the well. They have a couple very hard fought battles and are cornered by a group of cyclops and their fiendish creatures, Otoyughs.

They discover a magical presence in one room and realize there are earth elementals chilling within the earthen walls…


They clear out the cave and discover a room with two chests.. The first chest is large with lots of treasure, the second is smaller containing a stone flask of some sort…

After the Loot

They hear rocks crashing down from the entrance of the cavern. After they loot the chests they started running for the entrance and ran into two eye of beholder zombies blocking their path. They killed them easily but Solomon Dantes was hit by a ray of disintegration.

They run to the entrance and discover the earth elementals are burying them in. They all manage to get out right as the entrance is blocked in.

About that Mind Flayer

They come up top and discover a dub band playing smooth tunes. They people of mieliki have had a change of heart and no longer want to evacuate. They realize that hury has defaced the statue of Yondolla and is playing uncharacteristic music.

After some investigation and a trial they catch on that the mind flayer planted a larvae in his brain and he is beginning to transition into a mind flayer himself. They kill that seed before it has a chance to sprout..

Monsters slain

5x cyclops
5x Otoyughs
2x eye of beholder zombies



700 cp, 7000 sp, 1700 gp, 80 pp, Leopard Fur Choker inlaid with Copper (250 gp), Marble Rod inlaid with Bronze (250 gp), Small Tapestry (250 gp), Brass Cloth Robe (250 gp), Electrum Chime set with Onyx (250 gp), Platinum Ring set with Moonstone (250 gp), Gold Goblet (250 gp), Armor of Resistance (chain mail, lightning) (rare, dmg 152), +2 Weapon (longbow) (rare, dmg 213)

A stone decanter

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