Mar 2nd: Lets go into the First Hole in the Ground we See


  • Casimir
  • Solomon Dantes
  • Mortimer
  • Milanda
  • Rollen

There Is a New Boss in Town

The party has cleared out the pirate fort and killed all the resistant pirates. There are 5 Orcish/Half orc pirates left that have agreed to new leadership and therefore were not killed.

The party has to decide on a course of action. The Gus, is coming into port in the next few days. The party must decide to load The Gus with supplies and continue business as usual or something else….


The party debates their options and ultimately decides the best one is to kill all aboard The Gus and commandeer it for themselves, and then use the Gus to evacuate the island with the halflings. They meet with the halflings and tell them their plan. Some are resistant/hesitant. Others are excited to be party of the rebellion.

The religious leader shows Rollen their place of worship and reveals that BBEG has trollelly placed a ring of teleportation right in the middle… The party records the teleportation sigil..

They also learn of another suspect well dug by the Pirates.

Down the Well

The party goes down the well to discover a cavernous dungeon. They slay monsters, cyclops, and even catch a mind flayer unaware.

They run into two cyclops which critically intimidate them to turn back several times, until they find the courage to attack. The Cyclops are easily defeated and the party realizes they talked a big game but were not so tough… One Cyclops was brandishing a very great pole axe that Mortimer loots for his own..

They use their potion of spider climb and battle a cloaker, who was conveniently resting hanging from the ceiling. So they are able to attack it with melee weapons from the ceiling.

They almost kill the mind flayer in one round, so it teleports away… Destination unknown.

Monsters slain



400 cp,
8000 sp,
2600 gp,
110 pp, Amber (100 gp),
2 x Amethyst (100 gp),
2 x Chrysoberyl (100 gp),
Coral (100 gp),
2 x Jet (100 gp),
2 x Spinel (100 gp),
Tourmaline (100 gp),
Deck of Illusions (29 cards) (uncommon, dmg 161),
Necklace of Adaptation (uncommon, dmg 182)

The Great Pole Axe AKA The Great Pole

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