Feb 10th: Pay the Troll Toll

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  • Mortimor
  • Solomon
  • Casimer

Troll Toll

The party is coming down off the mountain, feeling smug for having stole a powerful staff from a giant yeti. After some time they reach a narrow chasm with a troll blocking its passage. The troll calls out:

"To pass this chasm safely you must answer three questions, do you accept my challenge?"

The party weighs their options, including killing the troll, but after sometime Mortimor calls out: "Yes I accept your challenge."

The troll then asks three questions:
"What is your name?"
"Where are you from?"
"What is your quest?"

Mortimor answers all four questions. The troll then informs the party they answered four questions and must now pay a toll to pass of 20 GP. The party again debates killing the troll, but they can hear the frost yeti on the mountain above and decide to conserve their health and spells and end up paying the toll!

Frost Breath

The party makes it down the mountain as its getting dark and settle in for a long rest. As is customary soloman dantes falls asleep during his watch. While soloman is sleeping through his watch the Yeti comes out of the darkness and steals back the Staff from Casimir. The party is caught surprised. The yeti attempts to run away with the staff but takes a lot of damage. He turns back and releases a frost breath on everyone, nearly killing casimir out right.

The party recuperates and is able to track the wounded yeti down and finish him off. After the killing blow they reach level 5.

Killing All the Pirates on Mielliki

The party was gone for many days. While they were gone power consolidated under a new leader, Zlava. On their return Zlava was calling an assembly of pirates to assert her new dominance in the town center. The party was able to bar the doors and burn most of the pirates up in the town center. They went to the pirate's fort and killed the rest and captured the messenger ravens.

Monsters slain

Abominable Yeti
Pirate Scum



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