February 7th: Lets go Find Cragmar


  • Casimir
  • Mortimir

Shooting the Messenger

The players have just slain Gugg. Mortimir is a half orc that wants to defect from the pirates. He convinces Gardo and Casimir that he means to do well and help them with their uprising.

Gardo is concerned that the pirates will want to send a message that there is trouble on the island. They decide they must intercept any pirates trying to leave to send word. They catch 2 pirates leaving the harbor in a small row boat and murder them and sink their boat. No one else knows this happened.

Climbing the Mountain

With a solid 8 days until The pirate freighter returns for its supply run the party decides to go looking for Cragmar up the mountain.

After a few days journey they run into a troll which they manage to avoid on the mountain. Once they get near the top of the mountain they hear a roaring sound and a boulder tumbles down, which they also avoid.

At the top they see a giant white furry monster eating raw meat off a bone. They ambush it and quickly kill it. As they are killing it they realize it really doesn't like fire. As it dies it makes a lot of noise. There is a cave at the top of this mountain and they hear what sounds to be a pissed off massive creature echoing from within the cave.

They find rocks to hide among and shortly later an even bigger white furry creature emerges. They immediately know its too much for the party of two to handle , and go about hiding and evading it.
Casimir casts a fog cloud and favorable wind allows them to evade the creature for now. It charges down the mountain in the wrong way looking for them giving them an opportunity to slip into the cave.

In the Cave

Inside the cave they run into another giant furry white creature that attacks them and ends up quickly dead. They run to the end of the cave and discover piles of various bones, with one set of bones resembling a half-ling and some half-ling clothing as well as a journal.

They also discover a gnarled wooden staff that resembles drift wood. With no time to spare they manage to escape the cave without the Giant Yeti detecting them and make it down off the mountain to what appears to be relative safety…….

Monsters slain

Yetis and pirates



Staff of the Storm Surge

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