Jan 25th The Assisnation of Gug

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Event 1

The party had some down time while Hanse the mushroom farmer went to fetch someone with the appropriate skills from Mieliki. While Hanse was gone Soloman Dantes went down into the well and felt a dark presence. Casimir went to check and discovered the residue of a dark magic. After Pressing Jesse, Hamse's wife, they found that the well had been dug by some unnatural laborers with a dark foreboding figure commanding them with some form of staff… Milana even threw one of the halfing babies down into the well… Because, reasons.

Eventually Gardo the scufflaw showed up. He had been watching the entire time, invisible. He had a magic amulet that he stole off a high ranking pirate named Castor who serves on the pirate ship Baal Berith. On occasion the Baal Berith, would come to port in Mielliki. Castor would disembark with his minions to build up Mielliki, the pirates seemed to be fashioning their own port town. Castor would use dark magic to command strange laborers that worked nonstop until any given job was done. Hamse's well was dug in this manner leaving behind the residue of a dark magic in the well. While Castor was in Mielliki, Gardo managed to steal an amulet from his pocket. Castor noticed it missing before he left the island, and the half-lings paid dearly. 10 of their comrades were murdered and their bodies taken back out to sea. Gardo, seeing an opportunity to redeem himself gives the amulet over to the party. He believes it will help them usurp the pirates hold on the island and can atone for his dead comrades directly resultant from his stealing of the amulet.

Later, Grog corroborated this Castor fellow, as he was part of the reason Grog defected from his ship. He said dark magic was becoming more common and that Castor with his minions does the work of 10 laborers, devaluing a strong orc's presence on the ship.

Gardo told them a ship comes to port every two weeks to collect supplies and gave them a full run down of the island. He tells them there are roughly 30 pirates on the island and that they trade shifts watching over things. Half of them live in the barracks and half of them live within the city. These pirates are not your typical pirate scum. The Island of Mielliki is viewed as a sanctuary of sorts, its a very desirable post to have and as such only the strongest pirates are afforded the opportunity after having proven themselves as formidable fighters. They are led by an especially brutish Orc leader named Gug. Gug has a whip that creates an exceptionally powerful cracking sound and a hammer that has smashed many halfings who acted out.

Event 2

The party begins the rebellion. They sneak up on a house in the perimeter and catch three Orc pirates relaxing and playing board games in their home. They brutally murder them and barely escape undetected. The leave the mark of the gnolls as evidence. The next day the pirates send out a party of 10 with Gugg leading the way, a force too strong for our adventurers.

The pirates slaughter the gnolls encampment and start back to town. As the pirates go down the road back to town, the adventurers manage to assassinate one but are spotted in the process. The rest of the pirates immediately scatter and flee, the parties cover is blown!

For some reason, Gug was not with the rest of pirates on the road back to Mielliki which leaves an opening for the party. They sneak back up the road on Gugg and catch him attempting to animate gnoll corpses left over from the melee. Gugg appearing frustrated mumbles something along the lines of "I saw Castor do this and it worked."

Soloman immediately charges Gugg and attempts to whip him in the face but whiffs the attack. Gugg, startled, laughs and returns the whipping favor. As this is going on, one of the Gnoll corpses rises to its feet.. Gugg's whip hits Solomon dante's so hard he is stunned. The rest of the party rushes in before Gugg can finish off Solomon Dantes and then beat Gugg down with superior numbers and take his stuff.

Monsters slain

4x Pirate Champions
1x Pirate Gladiator

Days Till the Gus Due in Mielliki: 9



Amulet of Invisiblity
Thunderous Whip
Maul of Returning

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