Jan. 18: What's your alignment?

Session 3: The liberation of Mielliki

Our party has crash landed on an uncharted island to discover a peaceful halfling village known as Mielliki.

The only problem is pirate scum found weakness and are exploiting the halflings. A large group of pirates have moved onto the island and force the halflings to produce food and supplies for the pirates. Once a fortnight a large pirate freighter comes to port to pick up supplies which are taken back out onto the open seas.

Our group of brave adventurers must tread carefully. The pirate subjugators will not take kindly to any perceived threat to their dominance on the island. The pirates must not know of their presence.

Session 3 Thursday around 6 PM. Please RSVP here looking for 3-6 players!


  • Anaconda
  • Rolan
  • Kazimir
  • Creaking Plank
  • Solomon Dantes
  • Nonk(ing honkers)
  • Unceunceunce

Why hello there

Anaconda and Creaking Plank stumbled into the party while looking for a place to shelter, having found the same cave system. Plank stood on Anaconda's back while he swam.


Killed some orcs took one captive: Grogg. Nonk kept trying to kill him, Anaconda wanted him to prove himself and become part of our crew.

Found treasure and an exit.

Land of Milaki

We exited the caves and found we were on a large volcanic island. From where we were, we could see a small settlement and a game trail. Following this trail led us to a field being used to cultivate mushrooms and a small farm house on the other side of a bridge.


- Anaconda responding to Nonk's preparing to attack innocents

The farmer who owned this field was named Homps, a halfling who was originally scared of the party but let his guard down quickly when we didn't end up murdering/stealing from him immediately like most pirates.

Info from Homps

We learned some important information:

  • Yandala- god of the halflings on this island, they left the mainland to avoid persecution. Pirates discovered the settlement, subjugated them.
  • They are suspicious of magic
  • They know the pirates that raid their settlement are using dark magic, or (and I quote) "Some pretty weird, fucked up shit."
  • The pirate ship that comes to pick up supplies - The Gus - won't be back for another good two weeks. It is a twin-mast frigate.
  • There's already a large amount of pirates staying behind to watch the island.

Next steps?

The Gus is likely our way off of this island, but with so many pirates on shore already we might need to kill them off first before we're able to even think about getting the boat. However, if there's as many pirates as it would take to keep an entire town in check, we'll need way more bodies to be able to fight them, and even more to take The Gus.

Monsters slain

3 Orcs



  • one set of nice clothes that keep you toasty warm (Rolan)
  • One set of nice clothes that make you very stealthy (Solomon)
  • Meat suit (Unce)
  • Mushrooms
  • Some gold
  • Some shitty rusty orc armor

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