March 28th: Evacuating Mielliki

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Loading the Boat

The island is in Chaos. Halflings are bringing loads of possessions. The party must organize and mobilize the halflings onto the boat. The party is concerned with the loud ship horn heard earlier and getting trapped in the bay.

Event 2

As the last of the halflings are loading up, a loud bang occurs in the middle of the town. A "landing party" has teleported into the teleportation ring that doubles as a circle of worship. The party sees one huge giant that looks like a zombie and 5 figures clad in fine dark leather.

The landing party attempts to intercept the party before they can push off. An epic fight ensues ending with most of the vampires dead and the giant dead. The party successfully escapes out into the night on the water.

Event 3

As they round out onto the water the see the dreaded ship, the Baal'berith, sitting near the mouth of the harbour. Casimer surrounds the boat in fog allowing them to exit the harbour without being blasted to splinters.

Monsters slain

3x vampire spawn
1x fomorion



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