Jan 4: Scuttling of the Blackbeard

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  • Unceunceunce
  • Anaconda
  • (the sound of a creaking plank)
  • Milana
  • Soloman Dantes
  • Sorcerer

"How many sick tats do we have?"

The players find themselves through various events chained below deck to the oars of the ship blackbeard. Creakingboard, Anaconda, and Unceunceunce were Mercantile Guild sailors who were kidnapped by the Blackbeard. (Name?) was hired to predict the weather and enslaved for being too bad at it, and Milana paid Captain Salty to let her use his ship to run away, without knowing she would also be enslaved. The party rowed really well and UnceUnceUnce made the slave driver's whip make fart sounds.

After some time of this, the Mercantile Guild Cruiser, Swiftsure, is spotted on the horizon. The captain calls down to grog, manager of oar cadence, for an increase in speed. Little does the captain know that Grog has fallen asleep at his post. Shortly after the players break free from their oars and proceed to murder all pirates below deck. They reach level 2 at this point.

Save the hat!

The Swiftsure closes in on Blackbeard and opens fire with it's cannons destroying the ships main mast and rigging along with many of the Blackbeard's crew. The players storm above deck and begin to kill the rest of the Blackbeard's crew. Captain Buckey on board the Swiftsure sees the mutiny happening and lends a hand with a couple well placed cannon shots that take out a crowd of pirates. The parties storm sorcerer send some pirates into the water with a few well placed gusts of wind. Milana and UnceUnceUnce steal gold and trinkets from Captain Salty Barnacle's concubine and then Milana brutally murders her with a rope around the neck.

Captain Salty throws his valuables into the water, including a magical box. Anaconda goes into the water after the box and then grapples Salty in the water. UnceUnceUnce casts sleep and Salty along with the rest of the pirates fall asleep leading to Salty almost drowning in the ocean. Anaconda swims hard to keep Salty's head above water, and uses an action surge to grab his hat.

As the boat is sinking the party member's hurriedly loot the rest of the boat. Milana discovers Salty's personal loot stash and a magical helmet of teleportation that is exceedingly rare and powerful. UnceUnceUnce and CreakingBoard launch the only life boat on board. Soloman Dante's leaves the blackbeard in style via catapult and cannonball's into the water.

The boat is sinking, some of the party is in the water along with multiple pirates.

Everyone is now level 3

Monsters slain

Lots of pirates



A badass hat
A box with a floating arrow inside, always points to one direction (UnceUnceUnce)
3 Firepots
Basic Weapons
Helmet of Teleportation (Milana)
A fine set of Captain's Clothing (Soloman Dantes)

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