Dark Waves NPCs

What our party knows of the world thus far:

United Pirate Confederacy

  • Captain Barnaby “ Salty Barnacle” Brown
    • Captain of the Blackbeard, killed with the destruction of the Blackbeard
  • Craden
    • Known as a powerful member of the Pirate Confederacy that uses dark magic to control labor
  • Gug
    • Charged with leading the pirate troop on Mielliki. Assassinated by the party RIP

UPC Ships

  1. Blackbeard: Destroyed
  2. The Gus: Supply frigate that regularly picks up supplies from Mielliki
  3. Baal Berith: A terrible dreadnought, Grogg defected from this ship because of the dark magic.
    • Crew:
      • Craden
      • Captain unknown

Mercantile Trading Guild

  • Captain Bucky Smith:
    • Captain of the Mercantile navy cruiser Swiftsure

MTG Ships:

  1. Swiftsure: A naval cruiser with high powered water elemental drives. This gives the ship a very high speed with decent brass cannon armament.


  • Farmers Hamse and Jesse
  • Gardo the Scufflaw: Helping the party with the rebellion
  • Grogg: A repentant pirate that is currently helping Hamse and Jesse with labor

Pirates that surrendered during the rebellion of Mielliki:

  • Ner'uz
  • Croron
  • Chak
  • Zun
  • Geykil
  • Barg
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